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Warehouse Efficiency | 4 Important Essentials For Structure

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Warehouse Efficiency | 4 Important Essentials For Structure


A warehouse can be the focal point for a business for many reasons but it can be lost and a big expense if it is not managed properly. With a warehouse management system and implementing some basic concepts one can control the movement of inventory and manage the employees who work in these facilities. We have listed a few tips that are important to achieve warehouse efficiency.

1. Efficient Layout

The layout must be planned out to maximize storage space and create the ability to move freely when handling products. Enough space is needed to maneuver forklifts or mobility assistance solutions so product can be picked and pulled without any challenges. Bins need to be marked and placed so there are zero challenges when stocking and picking occurs.

2. Safety Standards

One needs to train and have safety as a top priority with employees. The best run warehouses have zero accidents and this will maintain a positive work environment. There is never enough training that can be implemented and recognizing employees that have a zero accidents will go a long way. Keep safety top of mind with safe zones and markings so employees know that safety is important 24/7.

Warehouse Efficiency Essentials 1

3. Technology

Implementing technology is essential to maximize warehouse efficiency. You might look at printing, bar code scanners, picking, mobile inventory management, robots to assist with product movement and more. Not all technology is the same, be sure to understand how technology can affect your specific operation.

4. Inventory Planning

Manage your inventory when it is needed and track the demand based upon specific needs. You might maintain a specific stock level for products based upon past sales to maximize your capital. If you manage inventory effectively, you can minimize your warehouse storage space, and improve warehouse efficiency. Manage inventory very carefully as it can impact your bottom line.

Achieving Warehouse Efficiency

In summary, manage your warehouse so it is not an expense but a core part of your business. Implementing these basic principles will help maximize margins and your bottom line.


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