andy-lloyd_clipped-big@2x-min andy-lloyd_clipped-big@2x-min

Andy Lloyd

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Stead Close Up Aaron Stead Close Up

Aaron Stead


Kevin Trosian Kevin Trosian

Kevin Trosian

Chief Financial Officer

Sheridan Richey Sheridan Richey

Sheridan Richey

Chief Technology Officer

Rachel Trindade RachelTrindade

Rachel Trindade

Chief Marketing Officer

Dan Salazar Dan Salazar

Dan Salazar

Chief Revenue Officer

Jennifer Albert Jennifer Albert

Jennifer Albert

Vice President of People

Andreas Blomst Andreas Blomst

Andreas Blomst

General Manager

Amit Kumar Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Vice President of Product

David Miller David Miller

David Miller

Vice President of Strategy

Carolyn_Sparano Carolyn_Sparano

Carolyn Sparano

Vice President of Customer Success

Board of Directors

Guided by industry leaders.

C Jason Payne C Jason Payne

C. Jason Payne

Board of Directors

Emily Azevedo Emily Azevedo

Emily Azevedo

Board of Directors

David Novak David Novak

David Novak

Board of Directors

Jennifer Sherman Jennifer Sherman

Jennifer Sherman

Board of Directors

John Watkins John Watkins

John Watkins

Board of Directors

Nancy Rohman Nancy Rohman

Nancy Rohman

Board of Directors