3PL Companies You Can Trust

Explore the Extensiv 3PL Directory, a curated fulfillment marketplace revolutionizing third-party logistics for brands seeking warehousing and ecommerce solutions. Our network features premiere 3PL providers, granting you the advantage of optimized pricing, supply chain management, and logistics services tailored to your inventory management needs. 3PL services blend with cutting-edge technology, ensuring your order fulfillment, from freight forwarding to fulfillment centers, is aligned with modern logistics operations. 

Ecommerce Logistics Handled

Whether you're scaling up or seeking cost-effective ecommerce fulfillment services in Canada or North America, our pre-vetted 3PL partners and value-added services are poised to propel your ecommerce business to new heights, optimizing your warehouse space and operational efficiency in real-time.

With Extensiv, shipping costs, transportation services, and customer satisfaction are not just managed—they're mastered.