What is an order management system (OMS)?

An order management system (OMS) is special software that’s designed to track sales, customer orders, inventory levels, and order fulfillment through efficient and cost-effective processes. Modern order management systems are truly multi-dimensional and impact nearly every aspect of the ecommerce landscape –from sales channels such as Shopify and Amazon–and order status to your warehousing workflow and product lifecycle throughout the supply chain.

Using an OMS is the best way for retailers to maintain inventory visibility, and to guarantee a positive customer experience by consistently delivering accurate and on-time orders.

How an order management system helps business efficiency

Today’s customers have high expectations once they share their credit card details; they want their entire order to arrive in less than two days (and sometimes even quicker). The only way for stores to avoid backorders and keep up with this demand is by partnering with a proficient OMS.

Order management tools improve efficiency and enhance functionality by synchronizing stock levels from multiple channels, and forecasting for potential fluctuations in order volume. With advanced order management solutions, your business can coordinate its core operational functions, and oversee every stage of the order fulfillment process from just one system.

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Easily Integrate with All Ecommerce and Marketplaces

Extensiv Order Manager integrates with most leading ecommerce and marketplace partners. Our Extensiv Integration Manager makes it easy to create, add, or customize an integration that is right for your business.


Sync your inventory and order tracking information from your OMS and WMS tools back to Shopify so that your store is always up to date.


Sync your inventory and order tracking information from your OMS and WMS tools back to WooCommerce so that your store is always up to date.


Automatically download orders from PayPal and load them into your shipping system.


Automatically download orders, sync inventory, and upload shipment tracking information back to Magento so that your store is always up to date.


Sync your inventory and order tracking information from your OMS and WMS tools back to BigCommerce so that your store is always up to date.


Automatically download orders from eBay and load them into your shipping system.


Sync your inventory and order tracking information from your OMS and WMS tools back to Ultracart so that your store is always up to date.


Sync your inventory and order tracking information from your OMS and WMS tools back to Walmart so that your store is always up to date.

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“[Extensiv] just made it easy to scale. We were at a point where we could not grow at all, and then when we got on Extensiv, we went and doubled the company without any pain. We could 10X from here and still keep scaling, and it wouldn't be stressful.”
— Patrick BarnhillFounder of Specialist ID

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"When all other platforms failed to meet our needs or were too robust, [Extensiv] saved the day. They provide a UI that’s easy for our team to navigate, and their automation is seamless. Our onboarding process was transparent, and they let us move at the pace best fit for our team."
— Calli GraceHead of Operations at Moonglow

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Frequently Asked Questions

What shopping carts and marketplaces does Extensiv Order Manager integrate with?

In combination with Extensiv Integration Manager, Extensiv Order Manager integrates with over 100+ shopping carts and the most popular marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Wayfair, and more. We believe it is the most connected order management solution on the market today.

How does Extensiv Order Manager work with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFA)?

Extensiv Order Manager works in tandem with these ecommerce platforms to provide your company with the most intuitive and customizable order and inventory management software available.

Amazon inventory management with Extensiv Order Manager lets users automatically update their inventory each time a product is sold or returned, removing virtually all the manual work and potential for errors. With Extensiv Order Manager for Amazon, you can easily track your inventory, orders, and deliveries originating from all your Amazon sales channels.

Our Walmart sales channel supports Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), which provides end-to-end fulfillment for third-party sellers. Using WFS, retailers can store all their inventory within the Walmart fulfillment network. Send your inventory to Walmart fulfillment centers to handle storage and orders, then manage WFS inventory, forecasting, and replenishment from Extensiv Order Manager.

Does Extensiv Order Manager help manage bundles and kits?

Extensiv Order Manager can easily help you combine individual products into compelling bundles, while maintaining control over the individual SKUs. Product bundling and kitting is truly a win-win since it gives you the ability to lower your pricing, while also making your offers more compelling than your competitors’ offerings. When done well, bundles can drive sales, increase optimization, and support customer satisfaction at the same time.

How quickly can a business implement Extensiv Order Manager?

90% of customers complete OMS implementation within four to six weeks—and many companies finish faster. This is incredibly fast when compared with typical software implementations, meaning you’ll see a much faster ROI than with competitive solutions. With Extensiv Order Manager in place, you can automate your most time-consuming tasks and customize the features and integrations that best suit your needs.

What makes Extensiv Order Manager reporting the best one in the market?

Our order management reporting is top-of-the-line, thanks to its native, holistic view of First In, First Out (FIFO) costs, sales orders, and shipping fees. We deliver a multitude of pertinent reports, including inventory value, inventory aging, SKU profitability, and demand planning. In addition, Extensiv Order Manager also offers an exhaustive Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) history per purchase order, which makes retroactive reviews of purchasing much more accessible for quarterly and year-end reporting.

What are the benefits of order management?

Order management and order routing are fundamental to modern, adaptable fulfillment strategies. Extensiv Order Manager allows brands to build sophisticated order manipulation rules to translate between the needs of a sales channel and those of a fulfillment provider. Additionally, order management provides order handling capabilities like order splitting, where a single order may be fulfilled by more than one warehouse. Simple order routing provides capabilities like the ability to send an order to the closest warehouse, to minimize shipping times and costs.

What else should I look for in an OMS like Extensiv Order Manager?

Beyond order routing and customer service capabilities, a modern OMS will also offer inventory forecasting capabilities. This uses sophisticated algorithms to predict sales velocity, based on historical sales and other intelligence, and ensure products are reordered before you risk a stockout. We believe order management software should serve the needs of executives like CEOs, COOs, and Directors of Operations, as well as streamline customer service.

Shipping our packages is a headache, and ShipStation doesn’t offer everything we need. Is Extensiv Order Manager a better fit?

Yes! ShipStation was built for simple businesses selling from a single channel and fulfilling from a single node, which is best for brands that are just getting started. As soon as a brand starts selling on multiple channels or fulfilling from more than one node, they should be looking for enterprise-class solutions that can handle the complexities of today while setting your brand up for the growth of tomorrow.