Solutions that Help You Serve Your Customers with Accuracy and Control

For brands that fulfill ecommerce, direct to consumer, retail replenishment, or any omnichannel, we know that one of your most important measurements of success is customer satisfaction. Visibility, accuracy, control, inventory management, and insightful decision-making allow you to satisfy your customers in the most efficient, profitable way possible. Maintain visibility and control over sales channels and all inventory with important demand forecasting analysis. Manage your private warehouses with native mobile technology for end-to-end functionality from receiving to shipping with critical reporting data. In addition, Extensiv can facilitate the partnerships and the integrations you need to grow your business.
8 hours

of manual labor weekly


Inventory Accuracy with mobile scanning

67 %

reduction in lead time


order accuracy


For the costs, the level of support, durability of the information, the data, and the user interface, the value of the platform is extremely high. Extensiv is a central part of our IT infrastructure.

— Guillaume Benoit
Global Supply Chain Director, Viscata



Connect, Manage, and Thrive

Streamline your operations and eliminate the hassle of managing spreadsheets or juggling multiple apps by integrating everything into one comprehensive platform with Extensiv. Experience the convenience of having all your suppliers, sales channels, orders, and inventory synchronized and accessible in real-time. Extensiv empowers you to automate order management and fulfillment seamlessly, providing clear visibility over your inventory and sales to grant you unparalleled insights.



Boost Warehouse Efficiency

Transform your warehouse into a powerhouse of precision and high-performance to fulfill growing demand and enhance your bottom line. Digitally enhance your warehouse using barcodes and mobile technology to boost productivity at every stage – from receiving to shipping. With Extensiv’s unified platform your warehouse can operate in harmony with the rest of the business.

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Centralized Control for Decentralized Fulfillment

Tailored for expansion, Extensiv empowers brands to double down on growth with confidence and control. Transition your fulfillment operation into a multi-warehouse network with a single platform to coordinate inventory and orders with seamless orchestration. Strategically partner with warehouses in key geographies to move inventory closer to consumers to reduce shipping costs and delivery times.



Fulfill Success Your Way, With Unparalleled Flexibility

Extensiv gives you the flexibility to achieve success on your own terms, recognizing that it’s not a one-size-fits-all journey. From multi-warehouse networks to owning and operating your own fulfillment center, Extensiv’s platform offers the functionality designed to scale with you along your growth journey. Experience agile fulfillment and connect with 3PLs within Extensiv’s Fulfillment Marketplace to optimize your fulfillment strategy in pursuit of exceeding your customers expectations.

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