The Crystal Ball for Your Business

Forecasting consumer demand has always been more than meets the eye, but the emergence of ecommerce and multi-channel selling strategies has increased challenges for business leaders. Extensiv's order management solution simplifies this mystery with inventory limits, automatic replenishment triggers, and other insights to optimize stock levels. Our application utilizes insights to help you set inventory thresholds and recommend purchase orders based on sales velocity, forecasted growth, and lead time among other significant leading indicators. While a lot may be out of your control, your relationship with vendors can be easily monitored, empowering you to establish reliable partners that can confidently manufacture your inventory.
Shortened lead times up to
33 %


fulfillment accuracy

Proven to scale

revenue in a quarter


We would not have been able to handle the mess and the volume that would have been created from those additional sales if we didn’t have this platform in place. With Extensiv, we were able to triple Q4 revenue. The ROI is just absolutely out of this world

— Calli Grace
Head of Operations at Moonglow

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