Take Action with Data-Driven Opportunities

Data is only helpful when you are able to digest the information and take action, but many systems leave you to decipher mountains of spreadsheets. Extensiv's order management solution summarizes important performance metrics with recommended actions to help you grow your business. Our software aggregates data across your entire operation looking for opportunities to cut costs and improve profitability, such as avoiding premium storage fees and bundling products based on high demand. Understand the ins and outs of your business with curated reports and dashboards built by sellers for sellers.


Bring clarity to everything you do.

  • The Sales Analytics Dashboard

  • Uncover unprecedented visibility behind sales trends, SKU performance, and fulfillment efficiency.

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    Integrated Channel Insight

    View the full picture of your business across all sales channels and compare performance against each other and your sales history.

    Sales Analytics_Sales Trends-screen-Integrated Channel Insights
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    Product Sales Breakdown

    Analyze product sales from category to individual SKUs and identify biggest increase or decrease in demand to inform your inventory strategy.

    Sales Analytics_Product Sales-screenProduct Sales Breakdown
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    Geographic Fulfillment Efficiency

    Map orders by delivery zip code and uncover opportunities grow your fulfillment network to improve delivery speed and costs.

    Sales Analytics_Fulfillment 4W-screenGeographic Fulfillment Efficiency
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    Data Details and Filters

    Filter all tables and visuals to focus on what matters or export data to dive further into the details.

    Sales Analytics_Sales Trends-screen-Data Details and Filters

consumer behavior trends

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Monitor average order values and items per transaction to better understand your customer and enhance sales strategies.

Sales Summary and Trends_Web Image

Sales Summary and Trends

Effortlessly evaluate sales performance from daily snapshots to year-over-year trends in easy-to-understand tables and visuals.


The Extensiv Sales Analytics Dashboard has become a pivotal addition to our operational toolkit. Thanks to it's detailed analysis capabilities, it affords us a panoramic view of our sales across multiple sales channels with the granularity needed for strategic planning.

— Josiah Snapper
Ecommerce Manager, Arcavate Corporation

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