Effectively Manage Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Unite your sales channels and efficiently fulfill all orders using powerful automation tools within Extensiv's order management solution. Route orders to the optimal warehouse by configuring flexible, logic-based rules which can account for inventory availability and geographic locations. Additional actions can be automated through orderbots to split orders based on available inventory or determine ideal shipping methods while your team focuses on value-added tasks. The combination of connecting sales channels and leveraging technology will improve efficiency and drive customer satisfaction.


fulfillment accuracy rate

Proven to scale with

business growth

Up to

reduction in lead time

Save up to
10 hours

of manual labor each week


“For every hour you spend automating your warehouse, it'll save easily 10 hours a week depending on your volume. And that's ten hours every week forever. And as you scale it magnifies. Accuracy goes up and your customers are happier.”

— Patrick Barnhill,
Co-founder and president of Specialist ID

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