Control of Inventory From Warehouses to Sales Channels and Beyond

Establish a product catalog and govern your library of SKUs with an ecommerce solution that delivers end-to-end visibility from sourcing through sales channel allocation. Extensiv's order management solution empowers your business with SKU-level management of your product library and gives you the ability to combine products into bundles and kits. Extensiv’s unified inventory and order management platform allows you to set inventory thresholds to optimize sales and minimize storage costs with real-time updates on availability. Ensure each warehouse is properly supplied to meet demand and enable safeguards that throttle the allocation of inventory to sales channels when specific stock quantities drop below your limit.

With better data from Extensiv, we make sure our manufacturing processes keep up with demand and our 3PL fulfills more orders accurately.

— Scott Allen
Chief Wellness Officer, Portland Leather Goods

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