Create a Network and Compete at Scale

Consumer expectations for fast and free delivery have led brands to seek broader geographic fulfillment models beyond single-point distribution. Whether building a 4PL or running your own multi-warehouse 3PL, maximize efficiency, control, and savings with Extensiv Network Manager. Empower your business with real-time automation and take your operations to the next level.

With Extensiv Network Manager, you can:
  • Expand your warehouse capacity and geographic reach with trusted partners from Extensiv’s Fulfillment Marketplace  

  • Increase your potential revenue and profit by owning the customer relationship and managing their fulfillment activities through network warehouses

  • Get full visibility to your customers’ inventory, order, and transaction data across all 3PL warehouses - all in one place - without duplicate entry or complicated integrations

  • Automate order routing and management to leverage multi-facility fulfillment

  • Quickly expand into new markets locally, nationally, and globally

  • Support resources for migrations, analytics, and consultations to help build complete fulfillment solutions for your customers

  • Take advantage of market opportunities and compete at scale in the world of ecommerce


"Adding Network Manager to our program was a no-brainer. It has increased productivity and streamlined our retail/ecommerce fulfillment services by managing the storage and fulfillment of our customers' inventory. We are proud to provide start-to-finish apparel solutions to our customers, and Extensiv's Network Manager has helped us provide this service at the highest level."

— Grant Kevins
Owner of Scrappy Apparel

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 “The Network Manager team did an amazing job streamlining our order routing rules.  Network Manager has made it so much easier to process Seller Fulfilled Prime orders in our network, as well as provide inventory visibility across multiple facilities.”

— Matthew Schneider
Senior Account Manager at Rocket Shippers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extensiv Network Manager?

Extensiv Network Manager is a combined program of software, services, and tools that link 3PL warehouses together to work in a 4PL network of warehouse capacity, visibility, and order orchestration across multiple 3PL Warehouse Manager accounts. Extensiv Network Manager is designed to help 3PLs better serve their customers by expanding into new markets, facilitating geographic distribution of inventory, partnering with new facilities, and extending new value-added services across the supply chain. 

What is a 4PL?

Fourth-party Logistics (4PLs) providers are so named because they are three steps away from the end consumer, creating an extra degree of distance between the logistics provider and consumer. A traditional 3PL owns the relationship with their client, say, a retail brand, and neither owns the products nor interacts with the purchasers of the brand’s products. However, let’s say this retail brand has eCommerce customers all over the country. If the 3PL only operates one or two warehouses, it can be difficult to provide the speed of shipping that the brand’s customers expect and remain cost-effective. 

In this case, the 3PL may be able to enlist other 3PL warehouses to assist with servicing areas in which it does not have warehouses. The organizer of this network of 3PLs is considered a 4PL. The original 3PL can contract out portions of the logistics process to others in different locations, allowing them to efficiently keep up with growing region and time expectations. It is a mutually beneficial process in which all 3PLs involved can take on more clients than they would be able to otherwise. 

What is the difference between 3PL Warehouse Manager and Extensiv Network Manager?

Extensiv Network Manager is built on the backbone of the entire Extensiv software suite, including 3PL Warehouse Manager. With Extensiv Network Manager, 3PL Warehouse Manager is used by each warehouse to drive consistency for normal operations such as receiving orders, picking, packing, and shipping. Extensiv Network Manager is a new technical overlay that provides inventory visibility, transaction visibility, and order management across multiple 3PL Warehouse Manager accounts.   

The warehouse operators can work exclusively in 3PL Warehouse Manager while administrators can monitor the complete network through the Extensiv Network Manager interface. 

What is included with Extensiv Network Manager?
  • The Extensiv Network Manager interface provides transaction and inventory visibility across multiple 3PL Warehouse Manager accounts, which can be viewed by warehouse providers and the brands they service 
  • Advanced order management to address exceptions before orders reach the warehouse 
  • Network-wide dashboards for instant visibility and accountability 
  • Connectivity to shopping carts, ERPs, and marketplaces  
  • Distributed inventory specialists who can help manage all aspects of your network operations 
Am I eligible to participate in Network Manager?

Let's chat! If you have existing business and need partner capacity to help scale your sales and service offerings locally, regionally, or nationally, you may be eligible.