DSCO Integration

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain with DSCO Integration by Extensiv. Seamlessly connect your networked supply chain to 60 order destinations, simplifying the exchange of vital inventory, order, and catalog data. DSCO acts as a central hub for creating networked supply chains, revolutionizing the way retailers and suppliers seamlessly connect and exchange critical data. 

In response to challenges such as inventory discrepancies, DSCO serves as a singular point of contact for exchanging information. This unique approach simplifies operations, fosters stronger partnerships, boosts sales, and ensures near-real-time inventory accuracy. 

  • Seamlessly exchange vital inventory and order data.
  • Streamline operations to boost sales.
  • Connect effortlessly with 60 order destinations.
  • Integration Manager supports orders from EDI & Retail channels through DSCO, including Nordstrom, Belk, Bluestem, and more.

Perfect for businesses looking to simplify order management, enhance supply chain visibility, and streamline operations.


What is the DSCO integration used for?

DSCO Integration optimizes your supply chain by simplifying data exchange, ensuring efficient order processing, and enhancing supply chain visibility. Whether you're dealing with large retailers or multiple sales channels, this integration streamlines your operations.

Who is the DSCO Integration best for?

Ideal for businesses selling to large retail chains, seeking to streamline order management, inventory synchronization, and supply chain operations across multiple channels. Whether you're a growing brand or an established retailer, this integration can help you achieve significant automation and efficiency gains.

How the DSCO Integration works

DSCO Integration effortlessly connects your supply chain to Extensiv's Integration Manager. It retrieves and delivers orders, updates inventory levels, and tracks shipments seamlessly. This automation accelerates order fulfillment, enhances partnership building, and ensures near-real-time inventory accuracy.

Most Popular DSCO Integrations:

  • DSCO and Amazon MCF Integration: Enhance multi-channel fulfillment with DSCO and Amazon MCF Integration. Simplify order fulfillment and expand your reach effortlessly.

  • DSCO and ShipStation Integration: Streamline shipping and order fulfillment with DSCO and ShipStation Integration. Deliver an exceptional customer experience with simplified shipping operations.

  • DSCO and Zoho Inventory Integration: Optimize inventory management with DSCO and Zoho Inventory Integration. Achieve real-time control over your stock and streamline your e-commerce operations.


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About Extensiv’s DSCO Integration

  • Sales Order Download from DSCO to Integration Manager
  • Sales Order Delivery from Integration Manager to WMS/OMS
  • Shipment Tracking and Inventory Level Upload from WMS/OMS to Integration Manager
  • Shipment Tracking and Inventory Level Upload from Integration Manager to DSCO
Integration Manager supports orders coming from EDI & Retail channels through DSCO such as: Nordstrom Belk Bluestem Burlington Chewy Crate & Barrel DSW Hibbert JCPenny Kohls Macys Neiman Marcus Target Shoes.com ShopHQ Stage Walmart Zappos.com ETC...

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As a developer, a part of my job is to find solutions for our clients to get orders to our fulfillment house quickly. [Integration Manager] provides a seamless way for clients to connect their shopping carts to [Integration Manager] and start sending us orders within minutes of signing up! ...The folks at [Extensiv] are extremely helpful!
We had a lot of difficulties finding an ERP and 3PL software that integrated with each other. [Extensiv Integration Manager] stepped in and bridged that gap for us. They completed a complicated integration quickly and affordably. Their customer service was off the charts. Any issue that has arisen has been dealt with swiftly and effectively. 10/10.
[Extensiv] is a necessary addition to our business. We need [Extensiv] for our business and they can be very responsive, accommodating and flexible. These guys are techy and not sales people so you get what you pay for - in a good way. They're not over promising and under delivering.
Fantastic overall. It is a great software program for us. I am very happy with how straight forward and user friendly it is! Easy setting up ship methods, editing orders, getting into and editing carts, whitelisting, and blacklisting products. Too many pros to list.
Great software and excellent support. We are utilizing [Extensiv] as a 3PL. I have no complaints. Pros: Easy of use, efficient and immediate support, diversity in options.
Very useful for what we're doing. Helps us sell across many sales channels easily.
— Hasina HaiKyle G.