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11 Quick Tips On Warehouse Efficiency Improvement In 2022

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11 Quick Tips On Warehouse Efficiency Improvement In 2022


Keeping your warehouse running smoothly and efficiently is critical for the infrastructure of a growing business. Whether your company operates strictly within warehousing or a more complex workflow, we’ve got actionable tips that you can implement today!
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Top 11 Tips for Improving Warehouse Efficiency

This list is far from exhaustive because there are nearly endless ways that you can work to improve your warehouse efficiency to get the most out of your operation. These are some of our favorite ways to make progress on warehouse efficiency.

  1. Lean Warehouse Operations and Practices
  2. Fast Shipping and Quick Turnarounds
  3. Create Thorough Employee Training Processes
  4. Offer Omnichannel Warehousing
  5. Regularly Review Your Warehouse for Effectiveness
  6. Organize Your Inventory Efficiently
  7. Run Regular Audits of Your Warehouse
  8. Implement the ABC Analysis Method
  9. Improve Your Picking Methods
  10. Create Clear Communication With Your Employees
  11. Invest in High-Quality Equipment

While you might not be able to implement all of these warehouse efficiency tips and tricks right away, this list will offer you a good starting point. Warehouse efficiency is critical for the infrastructure of a growing business.

1) Lean Warehouse Operations and Practices

worker warehouse picking; lean warehousing

One of the most important warehouse efficiency tips is implementing clean warehouse practices. Lean warehouse practices are all about maximizing value while minimizing waste. This can be applied to every aspect of your warehouse operation, from how you receive and store inventory to how you fulfill orders.

There are many different ways that you can implement lean warehouse practices. Still, some of the most common methods are:

  • Warehouse Layout
  • Process Improvement
  • Ordering Less Product More Often
  • Employee Training

2) Fast Shipping and Quick Turnarounds

Consumers expect their orders to be shipped quickly and efficiently in today’s fast-paced world. By ensuring that your warehouse is set up for fast shipping, you’ll please more consumers and, in turn, receive more business. This means having a well-organized warehouse with clear labeling and a streamlined picking process.

3) Create Thorough Employee Training Processes

Employees are the backbone of your warehouse operation. Without properly trained and knowledgeable employees, your warehouse will not run as efficiently as it could. Make sure to invest in thorough employee training processes that cover everything from how to receive and store inventory to fulfilling orders.

Make sure that new employees are up to speed on company policies and procedures before they are allowed to work in the warehouse.

Ongoing training is also important and should be provided regularly. This will keep employees up-to-date on changes within the warehouse operation and new practices that you’ve implemented.

4) Offer Omnichannel Warehousing

More and more consumers are expecting to shop online, in-store, and through mobile devices. By offering omnichannel fulfillment, you’ll be able to better serve these consumers. This means having a warehouse equipped to handle orders coming in through multiple channels.

Omnichannel warehousing also requires good coordination between your warehouse and other departments within your company, such as customer service, marketing, and accounting. For more info on how to get this up and running, check out this post.

5) Regularly Review Your Warehouse for Effectiveness

No warehouse is perfect, and there are always ways that it can be improved. That’s why it’s important to regularly review your warehouse for effectiveness. This includes assessing how well your warehouse is organized, how efficiently you’re picking and shipping orders, and how you could reduce waste.

Regular reviews will help you stay on top of any inefficiencies in your warehouse and make the necessary changes to improve them.

warehouse organized and stacked with inventory

6) Organize Your Inventory Efficiently

One of the best ways to improve warehouse efficiency is to organize your inventory efficiently. This means having a well-thought-out system for storing and retrieving inventory.

There are many different ways to organize your warehouse, but some of the most common methods are product categorization, putaway strategy, and warehouse management software.

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7) Run Regular Audits of Your Warehouse

Without running regular audits, it’s impossible to know what areas of your warehouse are struggling. This includes inspecting the warehouse layout, checking for wastefulness, and measuring employee productivity.

By conducting regular audits, you’ll be able to track the progress of your warehouse efficiency improvement efforts and make necessary changes along the way.

8) Implement the ABC Analysis Method

The ABC analysis method is a popular warehouse organization system that can help you to better manage your inventory. This involves categorizing your inventory into three groups: A, B, and C.

  • Group A items are the most expensive items that don’t sell often but have great profit margins.
  • Group B items are the in-between items that sell more quickly than A but don’t have as good of a profit margin.
  • Group C items are the highest or fastest-selling items but offer the lowest profit margins. You’ll need to be able to quickly and easily access these items.

By implementing the ABC method, you can organize all items within your warehouse and make them easy to find, easy to store, and more efficient throughout the ordering processes.

9) Improve Your Picking Methods

How you pick items from your warehouse can greatly impact warehouse efficiency. There are many different picking methods that you can use, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. The ABC method is considered a picking and storage method.

The most common picking methods are as follows:

  • Random Picking
  • Zone Picking
  • Bundle Picking
  • Group Picking
  • Wave Picking

Depending on how large your warehouse is, how many employees you have, and how often you’re sending employees out, the picking method you choose will change.

10) Create Clear Communication With Your Employees

Your warehouse employees play a big role in warehouse efficiency. If they don’t have clear instructions or aren’t aware of company changes, it will be difficult to do their job effectively.

That’s why it’s important to create clear communication with your warehouse employees. This includes creating warehouse standards,  implementing employee performance management practicesdocumenting processes, and holding regular meetings.

11) Invest in High-Quality Equipment

Investing in high-quality warehouse equipment is an important part of warehouse efficiency. This includes things like shelves, racks, bins, and containers. But it also refers to technology, forklifts, and other similar equipment.

When you invest in quality equipment, you’re not only making your warehouse run more smoothly, but you’re also increasing employee productivity and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Implement Effective Warehouse Management Software

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