Warehouse management technologies are changing every day. From new systems to new scanners and algorithms, there is constant technology available that you can use to make your warehouse more efficient and cost-effective.

At Extensiv Warehouse Manager, we fully believe in the technologies used to make warehouse management better. That’s why we’re compiling this list of 5 technologies that you should be using to make your warehouse management better today.

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Order Fulfillment Optimization

Fulfilling orders is the most time-consuming part of warehouse management and working within a warehouse. From receiving inventory to be sold to picking, packing, and shipping it, there are a lot of order fulfillment processes that can be optimized to create a more efficient system. Two of those systems are pick-to-light and put-to-light technologies. These more recent technology optimization solutions help to speed up redundant tasks and create solutions that make it difficult to make mistakes.

Pick-to-Light Technologies

Pick-to-light, like the name implies, is a system used to help warehouse workers pick the right packages efficiently. Every time an order comes in and needs to be picked by a warehouse hand, the section of the warehouse that the item sits in lights up. This makes it easy for the employee to quickly retrieve the item without any mistakes or problems.

Put-to-Light Technologies

Just like pick-to-light, put-to-light uses a system that helps warehouse workers sort and manage incoming inventory shipments. Meaning that when a package or shipment arrives, the warehouse hand sees an illuminated section of the warehouse that they can walk or drive their machine to. When they reach the light, they place the items in the correct location and return to repeat the process with the next items.

Warehouse Robotics Technology

Robotics are used more and more commonly in manufacturing and warehouse management. One particular way that we’d like to highlight is the sorting of incoming and outgoing shipments. Even with technologies like the ones stated above, warehouse operations are costly because of the many man-hours used in sorting, picking, and packing goods.

Robotics systems, though costly, can be used to sort packages by weight, size, and other factors. These systems, like the ones used by Amazon, can even be programmed to sort packages based on the shipping destination. Other robotics systems can be used to pick items and put items when receiving shipments. The possibilities are endless, but it’s been proven that when implemented properly, robotics can save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory management solutions are most often software-based programs and can often be referred to as a warehouse management system or a WMS. These software-based solutions are the first step into making your warehouse run more efficiently. Programs like topShelf offered by Extensiv allow you to track your inventory from arrival at your warehouse to departure and everywhere in between.

Another key factor that makes a warehouse management system so effective is the gained ability to automate different processes that would have previously been done by individual warehouse hands. Things like updating tracking information and counting inventory can be automated to help you save time and money while also serving your customers well. For a side by side comparison of some of the best warehouse management solutions, check out this post. Finally, inventory management software can also integrate with your online shop to keep product numbers accurate and keep your shop from overselling. You’ll also be able to automate order shipments so that you never run out of that best-selling item.

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Labor Management Systems

Warehouses need many employees. Especially if they’re larger, but haven’t yet had the ability to implement the use of robotics. In most cases, employees have plenty of things to do, but in other cases, it can be difficult to keep individual employees on task and informed on what needs to be done. Using a labor-management system will help you track which employees are working in what places and what tasks need to be accomplished in order to keep the warehouse running efficiently.

Implementing a good labor-management system will also help in theft prevention and help to increase your overall profit margin. Learn more about how to prevent warehouse theft here. Other advantages include increased productivity and supply chain management. Keep track of your employees, the work they complete, and the orders they fulfill my using a labor-management system along with an inventory management system.

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The Future of Warehouse Management Tech

Warehouse tech continues to develop year over year and becomes more popular among small and large warehouse companies. From retail stores that need to manage their shipments to Amazon and similar companies that sell mass amounts of inventory online, these technology solutions are only becoming more valuable. Innovations will continue to be created as time goes on so that warehouse management and inventory management can become more effective and affordable. When warehouses are able to reduce their costs, the prices that consumers pay will also be able to be reduced over time.

If you’re in the market for an inventory management solution or a similar system, reach out to us today! We’ve worked tirelessly to create software solutions to help big and small businesses manage their warehouses. From tracking items throughout the supply chain to maintaining successful warehouse operations, products like Extensiv Warehouse Manager will increase your warehouse’s effectiveness.

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