Now more than ever, it's critical to get off of spreadsheets and put a proper inventory management system in place. There are hundreds of inventory management companies that supply well-rounded solutions for your supply chain and inventory management needs. But how do you choose the right one? We’re gonna help you out and go through the top 8 inventory management companies for the coming year.

As you search, take notes of what different companies offer that catches your eye. For example, you shouldn’t have to pay for something just to try it out. There’s a perfect company and software solution out there for every warehouse.
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Top 8 Inventory Management Companies in 2024

1. Extensiv (Formerly Scout TopShelf, Skubana, and 3PL Central)

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Extensiv is a cloud-based warehouse, order, and automated inventory management system. Making simple actions via desktop or any smartphone or mobile device can be a game-changer for many warehouses. From a small device, you get the same real-time results, pick/pack/ship transactions, and warehouse management capabilities to keep inventory costs low and your accuracy high. Key features and benefits of Extensiv include:

  • Inventory control and warehouse management on the go.
  • Print detailed barcodes from your mobile device.
  • Sales Analytics, Inventory optimization, forecasting, and automation (so you never run out of stock)
  • Order management for multiple warehouses and channels
  • Manage lots, bins, and cycle counting all from one easy app.
  • Seamlessly connect Extensiv with carts and marketplaces such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, Magento, Salesforce, Quickbooks, and hundreds more.
  • Access to 3PL warehousing network
  • Get started here: Extensiv.

2. Fishbowl

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Fishbowl Warehouse is a manufacturing and inventory management software for QuickBooks. Many businesses have utilized QuickBooks for years as their main accounting system. The Fishbowl Warehouse integration allows them to keep using QuickBooks but with even more efficiency than ever by streamlining their accounting and inventory solutions into one platform. Here’s what to expect from Fishbowl Warehouse:

  • Instantaneous inventory updates.
  • Easy integration with Xero, bringing your accounting solutions and inventory into one platform.
  • Monitor physical inventory levels for multiple locations.
  • Track sales trends and other data.
  • Generate and print barcodes.
  • Automate your re-ordering of stock.
  • Seamless pick, pack, and ship tracking.
  • Tracking and receiving shipments with ease.
  • Monitor specific parts and have Fishbowl automatically re-order when stock gets low.
  • Tallies costs associated with parts, manufacturing, and labor costs.
  • UPS shipping procedures are embedded within the Fishbowl system.
  • Track and pull data reports.
  • Utilize the Fishbowl timeclock for tracking employees’ time.

3. Netsuite

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When it comes to business, Netsuite can be applied and utilized in almost every avenue of business. They are known for being the #1 Cloud ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning. Their warehouse management tools along with purchase orders, production planning, and supply chain management all fall under their ERP platform. Not only will you be able to streamline and combine multiple aspects of your business into one platform, but the inventory management tool alone is worthwhile to improve operations. Features of their inventory management system include:

  • Automate your preferred stock levels, lead times, and re-order points.
  • Visibility and management of inventory across multiple locations.
  • Easily balance and transfer inventory across your organization.
  • The inventory count feature provides more accurate and recurrent inventory counts.
  • Easily categorize your inventory by value, volume, price, etc..
  • Enhanced traceability allows for easy lifecycle tracking and serial tracking.
  • Worry-free warehouse management with multi-location and bin tracking.
  • Detailed hierarchical location definitions.

4. Lead Commerce

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Lead Commerce is another cloud-based inventory management software. They offer a lot of the same benefits as these other inventory management companies, but in a very simplified version. Their goal is for you to never have a negative inventory. Here’s what you can expect from Lead Commerce:

  • Focusing on the dimensions of inventory: In stock, committed, available, back-ordered, and on order.
  • Track SKU batches—comes in helpful for perishable, FIFO items.
  • Easily configure work orders for items that contain multiple parts or required assembly before shipping.
  • Multi-location inventory tracking by SKU level—known which locations are low or high in an item.
  • Custom inventory reporting and analysis. Customize reports to whatever you want to track.
  • Make kits and bundles that automatically update the individual SKU item with the appropriate stock.
Consolidate ALL your inventory into one single view. You can filter by volume, location, cost, etc.
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5. Veeqo


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Veeqo’s warehouse management software can integrate with over 20 different e-commerce sites including Walmart, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Magento, Quickbooks, Etsy, and more! Plus, they are the trusted WMS of the Official Harry Potter retail shop. They must be good! Veeqo is incredibly user-friendly and also great for businesses wanting to use mobile apps for ease of use. The three main features they focus on are stock management, digital pick and pack, and warehouse automation. Here’s what these features can provide for your warehouse management:

  • Avoid overselling and sync your inventory levels across all selling channels.
  • Get real-time updates on stock levels and replenishments.
  • Assign cycle counting tasks to your team via the app.
  • A clear, concise dashboard shows any sent, pending, or future orders that need to be picked, packed, and shipped.
  • With the mobile app, there is no need to print pick lists or deal with human error or duplicates.
  • Veeqo has worked to automate everything like assigning picking batches to team members and laying out the fastest walking route for them. Now that’s efficiency!
  • Add “if this, then that” rules to your system. i.e. If an international order comes through automatically choose DHL shipping.

6. Infoplus

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Infoplus has made it easy to streamline your 3PL or warehouse into one simple-to-use platform. They also offer different products to cater to specific inventory needs. For example, they have Infoplus for warehouse managers, third-party logistics, and billing departments. It can also be used for those companies who just want light manufacturing, returns only, and tracking insights. Here’s what you can expect using Infoplus for warehouse operations:

  • Guaranteed live date 6 weeks from start to finish.
  • An expert team helps you integrate Infoplus into existing workflows.
  • Receive top-of-the-line hardware to go with your software.
  • Easily make kits and work orders.
  • Track and move stock between warehouses with ease.
  • Handle inbound freight and purchase orders within the same system.
  • Great customer service for all hardware and software issues.

7. Odoo

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Odoo’s showed their user CSC Scientific saving $25,000 in a year just by leaving Netsuite and going to Odoo. Not that Netsuite implementations are an absolute deal killer, as it’s on our list, but for their small group of only 10 users, they were spending way too much for what they needed. After 6 months, they were fully integrated into Odoo, using a much more flexible and user-friendly interface, at a fraction of the cost. Odoo has a few new and improved features that can help you manage your inventory in the most efficient way possible.

  • Their double-entry inventory system cuts the fluff and just lists moves of stock from locations. No extra input or output to remember.
  • Stock replenishment is fully automated
  • Works well with dropshipping, cross-docking and multi-warehouses
  • Track any shipment, item, or batch by serial number along any step of the process.
  • Customizable real-time reporting.
  • Integrate Odoo with your other business areas like sales and accounting

8. Finale Inventory

finale inventory png logo; inventory management companies

Finale Inventory is another multichannel integrated software that can let you continue selling on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more without having to change your strategy. It will just centralize all of your inventory management into one easy-to-use place. Your sales channels will all benefit from one consolidated dashboard. What can you expect from Finale Inventory?

  • Multi-warehouse and multi-channel inventory management keep you on track.
  • Wireless barcode scanning and barcode labeling.
  • Customizable analytics dashboards to give you real-time reporting.
  • Easy to calculate all costs associated with inventory (landing costs, gross margin, operating costs, etc.).
  • Integrate with over 40 platforms for a seamless transition.

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We might be biased, but of all the systems on this list, we firmly believe that Extensiv is the best fit for most people, because it's more than a warehouse management system. Hundreds of connections, full inventory visibility, and a suite of tools support you as you grow and expand.

Thinking now is the right time to transition your inventory management to a better system? Whether it's small businesses or large enterprises, Extensiv has the tools you need for order fulfillment, warehousing, and inventory.Hop on a quick call today to see if Extensiv is what your company needs to bring your warehouse to the next level in 2024.

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Inventory Companies FAQs

What is an inventory company?

An inventory company provides services related to managing and tracking inventory for businesses. This can include inventory counting services, inventory auditing services, and inventory management systems.

Why should a business use an inventory company?

Businesses use inventory companies to ensure accurate inventory levels, prevent loss, improve cash flow, and streamline operational efficiency. Outsourcing inventory management can save time and reduce errors.

What types of businesses benefit from inventory services?

Retail stores, wholesalers, manufacturers, e-commerce businesses, and distribution centers commonly benefit from inventory services. Any business with significant stock can gain from professional inventory management.

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