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Amazon's Influencer Program: A New Marketing Venture

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Amazon's Influencer Program: A New Marketing Venture


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy that utilizes social media to build relationships in your industry while promoting your product to a target audience. While some of our previous articles discussed the concept of influencer marketing, this article will focus on Amazon’s influencer program and how it will affect Amazon Sellers.

Social media sources such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have proven to be successful as means of increasing marketing and generating income for online sales platforms. Statistics show that increasing amounts of individuals are buying products from people through social media rather than directly through the companies. For these reasons, amazon is attempting to evolve Influencer Marketing by providing a program that will further empower the individual sellers while promoting commissions and other incentives to further increase social media sales.

Amazon's Influencer Program

Amazon has recently launched an invite-only beta for its influencer program. Amazon intends to stand distinct from other sources of influencer marketing by making its program exclusive to Sellers with large followings. In addition, the program offers commissions to affiliates to incentivize their efforts in publicizing and marketing the product. Essentially, when a user clicks to buy a product, the affiliate receives a commission on the sale of that product.

Unlike other influencer programs, Amazon does not take part in the influencers product selection, instead, the selection of products is entirely the influencer’s choice. Amazon's Influencer Program will use algorithms to match influencers with sellers. However, sellers will have some degree of control, as they can manually approve or deny their suggested influencers. Further, influencers will be subject to monitoring by the sellers themselves.

In addition, buyers will be able to browse through a selection of products that the influencer recommends. Amazon hopes these distinct features will prove its program to be a more successful influencer marketing tool for companies or individuals with larger social media followings.

Utilizing Amazon's Influencer Program

Amazon's Influencer Program has great potential to expose and publicize a product through use of social media. Those who satisfy the "large following" prerequisites will see a lot of promising opportunity with the Influencer Program. Furthermore, Amazon’s incentivized commissions is likely to promote significantly more traffic and sales than any other influencer program offered today. The only risk Amazon’s Influencer Program faces is that people are unpredictable and social influencers are people who own their accounts and personally post content to their URL. Amazon risks association will illegitimate influencers, but the potential success likely outweighs any risks these individuals may pose.

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