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The Best 3PLs in New Jersey

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The Best 3PLs in New Jersey


Adapting to Ecommerce Demand and Consumer Expectations

In a world that's rapidly transforming under the influence of ecommerce and evolving consumer demands, third-party logistics (3PL) services are proving instrumental in keeping the wheels of commerce turning smoothly. Specifically, in the bustling commercial hubs of New Jersey and New York, 3PL companies have taken center stage, offering comprehensive logistics solutions that range from warehousing and freight forwarding to distribution and order fulfillment services.

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This robust 3PL ecosystem has its roots in the logistics-rich environment of New Jersey, where the confluence of intermodal, trucking, and drayage services has created a uniquely conducive environment for the logistics industry. With an ideal geographical position near the vast consumer market of New York and robust transportation services, New Jersey's 3PL sector is perfectly poised to respond to the dynamic demands of today's supply chain management.

The rise of ecommerce giants like Amazon has only amplified the importance of efficient and reliable 3PL services. These companies need flexible and scalable logistics solutions that can handle real-time inventory management, efficient order fulfillment, and rapid transportation services–all while maintaining an unbroken promise of delivering 'on time.'

A key component to successfully navigating this complex logistics landscape is the strategic utilization of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. As we delve into this thriving sector, we'll explore how the 3PL industry in New Jersey is adapting to these challenges and how companies like Extensiv, a visionary leader in omnichannel fulfillment, are stepping up to transform the fulfillment operations landscape, maintaining an unbroken flow of goods in the era of instant gratification.

Top 3 3PL Service Providers in New Jersey

As the heart of the northeastern corridor, New Jersey has become a crucial hub for logistics companies offering robust 3PL services. Here's a look at three top 3PL service providers strategically located in this region:

  1. QuickBox Fulfillment: Established in 2009, QuickBox Fulfillment operates across Colorado, Georgia, and New Jersey. Its ecommerce services primarily include Pick and Pack, along with Amazon FBM, ensuring seamless order fulfillment. Their additional services involve devanning, labeling, kitting, Seller Fulfilled Prime, EDI/UCC-128 compliance, storage, cross-dock, re-works, and barcode scanning. QuickBox has successfully built a network of three fulfillment centers to cater to their clientele, becoming an integral part of the supply chain management. QuickBox joined the Extensiv network in 2011, harnessing their pioneering technology to enhance the omnichannel fulfillment experience.

    Quickbox Fulfillment
  2. Royal Distribution: Founded in 2004, Royal Distribution has its foothold in California and New Jersey. The company specializes in Pick and Pack services, complemented by a suite of additional offerings, including drayage, devanning, labeling, kitting, storage, cross-dock, re-works, and barcode scanning. With two strategic distribution centers, Royal Distribution provides comprehensive logistics services, fulfilling growing ecommerce demands. Since partnering with Extensiv in 2016, Royal Distribution has effectively scaled their operations while offering superior flexibility.

    Royal Logistics
  3. Aeronet Worldwide: A veteran in the field, Aeronet Worldwide was founded in 1982 and boasts a broad presence across California, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, and Kentucky. With an impressive network of 13 fulfillment centers, Aeronet provides extensive reach, meeting customer expectations across various markets. They joined the Extensiv network in 2012, leveraging the state-of-the-art platform to optimize their fulfillment operations and inventory management.


These 3PL service providers, by adopting the innovative solutions offered by Extensiv, have been able to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of ecommerce and consumer expectations. They represent the dynamic and adaptive nature of New Jersey's 3PL industry, ensuring a smooth supply chain and on-time deliveries while seamlessly fulfilling varied logistical needs.

Harnessing the Power of Extensiv 3PL Partnerships

warehouse professionals shaking hands in storage area

Leveraging the potential of 3PL providers has become a strategic necessity in the landscape of contemporary commerce. The essential edge that separates industry leaders from the rest is often the caliber of their 3PL partnerships. This is where Extensiv, a visionary technology leader in omnichannel fulfillment, offers substantial benefits. Here are the key advantages of allying with an Extensiv 3PL partner.

  1. A Partnership Grounded in Knowledge: Extensiv's partners not only provide 3PL services but also act as expert consultants. They offer profound insights into omnichannel fulfillment, assisting clients in planning and staying ahead of the demand curve, thereby providing valuable reassurance in an industry where precision and punctuality are critical.
  2. Unrivaled Market Access: With its robust network comprising over 2,000 connected 3PLs worldwide, Extensiv enables businesses to fulfill demand wherever and whenever it arises. This expansive market reach, coupled with the flexibility it imparts, can significantly empower businesses seeking to broaden their consumer base.
  3. Versatile Fulfillment Capabilities: A distinctive trait of an Extensiv partner is the capacity to accommodate a wide array of fulfillment configurations. Whether a business deals with full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL) deliveries, or requires specialized services like kitting, labeling, cross-docking, or real-time inventory management, Extensiv partners ensure seamless scalability to meet diverse requirements.
  4. Seamless Integrated Solutions: Extensiv's suite of cloud-native warehouse, order, and inventory management platforms foster a seamless workflow, enhancing the efficacy of supply chain operations. Additionally, these tools can help businesses minimize costly errors and augment overall operational efficiency.
  5. Enriched Customer Experience: The ultimate benefit of a proficiently managed supply chain is an enhanced customer experience. By guaranteeing prompt deliveries and proficient inventory management, Extensiv partners contribute significantly to fostering customer satisfaction and trust.

In a nutshell, Extensiv 3PL partners offer more than conventional logistics services. They deliver a comprehensive solution designed to optimize your supply chain, streamline your operations, and lend you a competitive edge in today's dynamic ecommerce sphere. Whether your business operates in Newark, Edison, or anywhere else globally, this strategic advantage could prove to be a game-changer.

A Guide to Engaging a 3PL Partner in New Jersey

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Seeking 3PL services in New Jersey can prove transformative for businesses looking to streamline their supply chain and enhance their operational efficiency. However, the task of initiating a partnership with a 3PL provider may seem daunting. The key to an effortless onboarding process lies in understanding the requirements, making informed decisions, and leveraging the right resources. Here's how businesses can seamlessly get started with a 3PL in New Jersey.

  1. Identify Your Logistics Needs: The first step in the process is to clearly define your logistics needs. This includes everything from warehousing and distribution services to freight forwarding and cross-docking. Be sure to consider your requirements for real-time inventory management, order fulfillment, and other specialized services.
  2. Research Potential 3PL Providers: The next step is to find potential 3PL providers that cater to your specific needs. This involves assessing the range of services they offer, the regions they serve, and their pricing structures. Companies like QuickBox Fulfillment, Royal Distribution, and Aeronet Worldwide have a solid presence in New Jersey and offer a broad array of logistics solutions.
  3. Evaluate the 3PL’s Expertise: Investigate the potential 3PL’s experience in the industry. Look into their track record, their experience with ecommerce (if relevant), and their technological capabilities. A 3PL that understands your industry and has robust technology backing their operations, such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), can be a boon for your supply chain management.
  4. Leverage Technology: Directories like Extensiv Fulfillment Marketplace can help streamline the search process. The platform allows merchants to search for vetted 3PL partners based on specific criteria. It connects brands with 3PLs that cater to their particular requirements and have seamless integration with inventory and order management systems.
  5. Initiate Contact: Once you've identified potential 3PL partners, reach out to them. Discuss your specific needs, inquire about their services, and request pricing information. Many 3PLs offer a flexible, custom pricing model based on your specific logistics needs.
  6. Finalize the Partnership: Once you've found the right 3PL partner, it's time to finalize the agreement. Be sure to clearly outline service expectations, payment terms, and other essential aspects of the partnership. Remember, a successful 3PL partnership is one where both parties benefit.

Embarking on a 3PL partnership in New Jersey is not just about outsourcing logistics; it's about gaining a strategic partner that can enhance your supply chain, improve customer satisfaction, and contribute to your company's growth. And with the right approach, it's a process that can be navigated with ease.

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New Jersey Third-Party Logistics FAQs

What are challenges with order fulfillment in New Jersey?

Order fulfillment in New Jersey can be challenging due to its densely populated areas, leading to complex distribution networks and increased delivery times. Additionally, navigating the region's traffic congestion and strict environmental regulations can further complicate logistics and supply chain operations.

How do I choose the right 3PL service provider in New Jersey?

Choosing the right 3PL service provider in New Jersey entails understanding your specific logistics needs, researching potential 3PLs, evaluating their industry expertise, and assessing their technological capabilities. Tools like Extensiv Fulfillment Marketplace can significantly streamline this process by connecting businesses with vetted 3PL partners that meet their specific requirements.

What is the availability of warehousing services in New Jersey?

Yes, many 3PL service providers in New Jersey offer comprehensive warehousing services. Companies like QuickBox Fulfillment, Royal Distribution, and Aeronet Worldwide have fulfillment centers in the region, providing a range of warehousing services, including inventory management, pick and pack services, and cross-docking.

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