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Shopify Vs ShippingEasy

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Shopify Vs ShippingEasy


Choosing which eCommerce platform to use for your company is critical in ensuring your business operations run smoothly. But, with so many options out there, it can be quite overwhelming. So it can be helpful to make a comparison between the two platforms you’re considering. In this case, we took two of the best e-commerce solutions and compared them— here is Shopify vs. ShippingEasy.

What do Systems like Shopify & ShippingEasy Do?

Anyone who wants to launch an online store to sell products needs to have an e-commerce platform. Businesses like Shopify create a fully comprehensive platform that allows businesses small and large to easily accept, fulfill, and ship out orders from their online store.

Many eCommerce platforms will not just be a helpful tool but will also come with multiple customizations to ensure you craft it to suit your needs and your brand image. Some custom features include navigation menus, categories, themes, add to cart buttons, custom domains, and more.

eCommerce platforms that include tools to assist with marketing campaigns, customer relationship management, and inventory management are essential to maintaining your online shop with ease. It helps to consolidate all your services into one platform, making it especially easy as your number of users grows. So let’s compare Shopify vs. ShippingEasy, side by side, and see how they stand up to the test.

Benefits of Using Shopify

Shopify is one of the top eCommerce platforms used by businesses today. It works best for those online retailers selling simple, uncomplicated products that don’t require extra configurations like bundles and kits. For a simple, straight forward answer to your CRM problems, Shopify is right for your business.

Easy to Use

Those businesses looking for a simple solution free from any complex hosting or development customizations will find themselves easily setting up their Shopify account. It’s very straight-forward, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Great Customer Support

When you choose Shopify for your e-commerce platform, you also choose their 24/7 customer support, which can answer any of your customer’s concerns via email, chat, or phone at any time. Their support team adds value to your business by bringing their expert knowledge to your customer base and offering great customer service that ensures client retention and satisfaction.

Easily Integrated

Does your business use other apps? Or is looking for special add-ons to the Shopify services? No problem. Their platform easily integrates with several other tools and apps to help supply chain management even better.

Beautiful Templates

You can choose to use their default template for your online store or get it customized to match your brand or any other style you like.

Secure & Reliable

Shopify comes with its own high-level security for your e-commerce business. They also handle any upgrades or improvements.

Fast and Responsive

If your online store loads too slow, you will have a hard time keeping customers on your site. Mobile responsiveness is even more critical as online shopping on smart devices grows exponentially every day. Shopify ensures web and mobile stores are fast and responsive and create a mobile-friendly platform for your warehouse or any other use in your business.

Provides Marketing Support

Any good e-commerce platform should include marketing tools. Shopify allows users to take advantage of discount codes, gift cards, email marketing campaigns, and more simple marketing tasks.


One of the unique features of Shopify is its SEO capabilities to ensure your store can be optimized for online web searches. Shopify makes sure you can enter critical SEO content like meta titles and tags.

Multi-Channel Management

If you sell on your online store, eBay, Amazon, or other ecommerce platforms, you will still be able to manage them all in one, simple place with Shopify. There’s no need to manage your channels via different software.

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Benefits of Using ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is a great solution for growing businesses looking for an easy, helpful eCommerce platform that fits their needs while saving them time and money. Here are some of the stand-out features that make them a great choice for businesses looking to grow and succeed.

Integrate Seamlessly

ShoppingEasy can easily integrate with any ecommerce platform like Magento, Channel Advisor, and any other large software. This means you won’t have to switch any aspects of your existing business and integrate them into existing processes.


ShippingEasy is affordable to purchase and cost-effective thanks to its easy integration and expansive features that can save your business tons of time and money. Plus discounts on shipping costs with USPS, UPS, and other couriers.

Consolidate Orders

Consolidate orders and business operations with one easy platform that does it all. Make your shipping easy by consolidating how you print and manage shipping labels, packing slips, and other aspects of the shipping process.

Automation Features

The opportunities to automate operations are endless. By integrating this platform into your ecommerce business, you can automate mapping, tracking inventory, shipping, returns, exchanges, and more.

Batch Orders

Batch orders can be a great way to streamline orders and shipping activities. ShippingEasy allows you to batch like orders with similar shipping settings and print labels and all the correct forms at once. You can divide shipping workflows into batched sections, making things move much more quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Reporting

ShippingEasy provides customizable, enhanced reporting features that give your business detailed, comprehensive data reports for all aspects of your business. These reports are essential to see where your business operations are succeeding and where they are failing. These reports can help aid in setting financial and operational goals each quarter. The program makes it super easy to set customized reports and have them emailed regularly as they finish.

Set Shipping Rules

Shipping rules allow businesses to automate order processing, which saves a ton of time and workflow efforts. It’s important to utilize an ecommerce platform that allows you to set the right shipping rules for your workflow. ShippingEasy uses predictive analysis and machine learning to pick up on any recurring tasks and errors. The system takes these recurrent actions and builds them into the shipping rules to improve efficiency.

Multi-Channel Management

Like Shopify, ShippingEasy also manages all of your ecommerce operations no matter how many channels you sell. Quickly and easily integrate all of your stores and brands into one platform so you can consolidate and automate.

If you want to improve every aspect of your online store and ecommerce business, utilize a platform like Shopify or ShippingEasy. Both have many features that can benefit you, but it’s important to do your research and ensure you get tools that work for you and build your business, not slow you down. Extensiv Warehouse Manager integrates with both of these platforms, plus dozens of others. For more information on how to get started or have questions choosing the right one, contact us today!

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