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Asset Tracking System: Why Mobile Scanning Can Make Your Tracking More Accurate

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Asset Tracking System: Why Mobile Scanning Can Make Your Tracking More Accurate


Asset Tracking System: Why Mobile Scanning Can Make Your Tracking More Accurate


Tracking your assets is a big key to having a successful system in your workplace management. 

If you do not know what you have, it can make doing business a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Asset tracking is what helps you determine the total cost of all the items in your workplace. 

There are various asset tracking technologies that can help your businesses increase asset tracking and management. 

Extensiv Warehouse Manager gives you the #1 cloud-based inventory software withExtensiv Warehouse Manager. After you use this simple solution, you won’t want to use another option. Extensiv Warehouse Manager gives you a way to successfully manage your entire product catalog from your smartphone or tablet device.

Here is why having an asset tracking system is so important and how mobile scanning can make your tracking more accurate. 

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking is what you use to keep track of your company’s physical assets. This typically involves some sort of system that gives you details like location, history, and inventory. 

Asset tracking makes your asset management significantly easier and eliminates manual labor and wasted time, effort, and expenses in the process. 

By implementing asset tracking, you are able to benefit from the following: 

  • Cost savings –  By having asset tracking systems, you are able to take out the need for having the administrative professional track down your assets manually. This helps individuals free up their time and allow them to focus on responsibilities to help grow the business. When you do not track your assets, you may be experiencing costly losses without knowing it. Tracking assets helps you to avoid losses and keep employees accountable to handle them in a responsible way. 
  • Better customer service – When you are able yo improve something in your business, your customers will take notice. When you decide to implement asset tracking you will be able to know when certain items are running out of stock and have your employees better informed and up to date. 
  • More accuracy – Having this system will give you more accuracy with your systems. You will have a better understanding of what your inventory is, how it is being utilized, and any actions that need to take place. It takes out the guess factor from your work and leaves you with the facts to do your business. 
  • More efficiency – Asset tracking provides valuable insight into your business. You are able to have a better look at your business spaces and storage and have the ability to improve your processes and operations. Data tracking also helps you to know when you have needs for certain assets before the need arises. 

Benefits of Asset Tracking Software

Using asset tracking software can help you save time and help your business to become more efficient and allows you to track your assets and bring you important information in real-time.

You are able to improve your services and bring greater visibility to your assets, costs, and maintenance. 

After you try out Extensiv Warehouse Manager from Extensiv Warehouse Manager, you won’t want to go back to your current management method! Extensiv Warehouse Manager gives you a way to successfully manage your entire product catalog from your smartphone or tablet device. 

With asset tracking, you are able to do many things such as: 

  • Tracking Assets 

With an asset tracking software, you are able to track all of your assets in one place. You will have access to things like inventory control, barcoding and scanning, customized reports, demand forecasting, and others. 

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  • Access Information Anywhere
    Asset tracking solutions give you the ability to keep track of your asset information from anywhere. You are able to search for information on your smartphone or tablet and it allows managers to validate this information even when they are out of the office. 
  • Get Customized Reports

You can get real-time reports on all areas of your business. With asset tracking software, you can get your reports quickly and easily that include things like asset location, costs, and others. 

While there are assets that are able to last in good condition for several years, other items will become out of date within a year or are less popular than they were when you originally got them. 

When you have the right asset tracking solution, you are able to better decide on the life of your assets and which ones are worth keeping and which ones are costing you more than it’s worth. 

There are many different types of asset tracking technologies to help you improve your asset tracking and management, but is not always clear which technology works best for you and your business. 

Which Asset Tracking Method Is Best For Your Business?

  • Barcode Asset Tracking
    Barcode asset tracking is one of the least expensive and easiest ways of implementing a method that works well for situations where your main goal is to organize assets and make sure you know where your assets are at any given time, and know their history so you know if anything is missing or has been misplaced.
  • NFC Asset Tracking
    NFC tracking is another solution that can be used for a replacement or along with QR Code/barcode scanning based asset tracking for high volume of assets faster. You will save a lot of time if you have an asset transaction of 50+ items because you are able to process the transactions faster. You are also able to use NFC scanning for only the segment of your asset that needs it and use barcode scanning for the other segment. While NFC has its benefits, it is a little more expensive than QR code/Barcode scanning due to the higher expense of NFC tags and you need to outsource their production or the need to buy a special printer for NFC.  Another complication of NFC tags is that if you are planning on using your smartphone for scanning, you are limited to using an Android device. However, you can use an iPhone and Android if you have an NFC reader. 
  • RFID Asset Tracking
    RFID asset tracking is one of the more expensive options for an asset tracking system. You will have a software fee, a service fee, as well as have to purchase a lot of hardware such as RFID scanners, printers, and mobile computers if you need to track assets when you are not in the office. However, there are options to decrease the price of RFID asset tracking. By using a bluetooth scanner that is connected to a mobile device you will decrease the RFID system expenses. 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Asset Tracking
    If you are looking for automatic asset tracking both indoors and outdoors, this could be a good option for you. Bluetooth Low Energy asset tracking is pretty similar to the RFID asset tracking system, but is much less expensive and is more functional to work with. Bluetooth asset tags are also able to be read by all of the major smartphones while being equipped with sensors that let you monitor your assets and warnings from a remote location to prevent any problems. 
  • GPS Asset Tracking
    If you are in need of knowing the location of an asset and making sure it is within a certain boundary line, then this is one of the few scenarios where this tool makes sense for you to have. This is for a very specific purpose and is not the same as broader asset tracking such as asset locations, transactions, or life-time history and usage. 

Why Mobile Inventory Solutions Matter

Mobile inventory solutions allow for a more cohesive, streamlined process when it comes to managing your inventory. Our inventory management solution, topShelf, is accessible through a mobile device or smartphone.

Why is this important? Here is how Extensiv Warehouse Manager makes it easier to manage your inventory through our mobile interface: 

  • You can download our mobile interface from Google Play or iTunes (Extensiv Warehouse Manager works on any Android, iPhone, or Windows CE device) and is extremely easy to set-up. 
  • Make it easier for your warehouse employees to receive, pick, pack, and ship orders with the ability to scan barcodes on their mobile devices. 
  • Printing is made easier, as you can print barcodes for parts, bins, or other assets to any Zebra ethernet printer. 
  • The mobile interface also has the ability to cycle count, so you can always keep track of your valuable inventory. 
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of your warehouse through your mobile device, allowing you full control even when you aren’t near a computer. 

Hopefully, this gave you a better insight into asset tracking systems and how they can make your tracking more accurate. 

There are several options for you to choose from so it is all about finding which one works best for you. 


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