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To succeed and grow in a fiercely competitive industry, Averitt Express needed to carefully control costs, exceed customer expectations, and optimize team productivity. 

But challenging warehouse operations stood in the way of achieving their goals. 



in labor costs


picking hours

saved per day


customer retention


Before Extensiv, Averitt relied on manual, paper-based processes, and clunky spreadsheets for all aspects of warehouse management, which caused costly bumps in its workflows. Averitt also struggled to capture accurate metrics on picking times and cycles to improve efficiency. Without those insights, it was difficult to optimize staffing levels and price contracts competitively. 


We didn’t have a lot of faith in the integrity of our inventory and if somebody adjusted something by accident, we were going down a long rabbit hole trying to chase the issue.

— Cody Smith
Distribution and Fulfillment Operations Leader, Averitt Express


Averitt implemented Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager, SmartScan, and Labor Analytics to transform into an efficient and streamlined, data-driven logistics leader. It manages all day-to-day operations through Extensiv’s user-friendly platform, which drives accuracy and efficiency across the warehouse. In addition, Averitt uses Labor Analytics to optimize its workforce and make accurate, data-led staffing decisions. Averitt uses this data in combination with Extensiv’s 3PL billing module to support pricing decisions that enable it to win more contracts.  


With Extensiv simplifying daily operations management, Averitt saves significant time and costs – 60 hours of warehouse labor a day and an overall 25% reduction in labor expense. With Labor Analytics informing labor planning in the warehouse, Averitt can further cut operational costs across the board by hiring more strategically to meet seasonal demand. Since implementing Extensiv, Averitt’s customers are more satisfied, which supports more retention and boosts brand reputation.  


The impressive time savings we see are a major swing for us. They’ve all been created by using Labor Analytics to say, ‘we can do more here, we can adjust here, we can increase efficiencies there.'

— Cody Smith
Distribution and Fulfillment Operations Leader, Averitt Express

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Averitt Express is an award-winning freight transportation and supply chain service provider, specializing in LTL, truckload, distribution and fulfillment, and more. 

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