Efficient, Customizable Billing Created for 3PLs

Streamline your billing process with Billing Automation. Our cloud-based WMS comes equipped with Billing Automation to ensure your warehouse seamlessly captures all day-to-day and value-added charges that optimize your warehouse’s profitability. Maximize your staff’s time while minimizing losses due to billing errors.

Using 3PL best practices, Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager was created for 3PLs to manage billions of dollars in inventory. Across the Extensiv platforms we process more than 140 million orders a year. Reduce your reliance on error-prone data entry and paper invoices that can be misplaced or miscalculated. Customize charges per customer, automate invoicing, and easily integrate with your accounting software.

Less than
1 minute

to generate an invoice (on average)


reduction in billing time


monthly profit saved from underbilling

Up to

increase in recurring revenue captured


[Billing Automation and barcode scanning] actually helped us to identify product on our racks that we had not been billing for two years. That was a $15,000 mistake that we were able to catch by doing a visual audit of the warehouse.

— Nick Luni
Director of Sales and Marketing, Allstate Moving System

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