July 27, 2022

We recently announced a significant new product, Extensiv Network Manager, designed to help third-party logistics (3PL) providers operating one or two warehouses compete with the emerging array of technology-enabled 3PLs by partnering with other 3PLs to increase their geographic footprint. This emerging business model may be intimidating if you are new to the concept. To help support 3PLs interested in exploring distributed inventory models, we are also launching services to help you understand how this business model works, find like-minded partners, and get up and running on our software. 

Some of the many ways in which our professional services team can assist customers with Network Manager are: 

  • Data and Analysis: The Extensiv team will gather and analyze data from your existing customers to identify those which are a good fit for this distributed network approach. 
  • Partner Matching: Once a 3PL’s network needs are completely understood, Extensiv’s Professional Services team will identify the geographically distributed partners most complementary in location to build their fulfillment network.  
  • Network Strategy Implementation: Once the proper partners have been identified, we will work with you to set your fulfillment strategy in the Extensiv Network Manager software. We’ll ensure order routing is configured to minimize costs and overall delivery time. 
  • Prospect Referrals: The Extensiv Fulfillment Marketplace receives a steady stream of merchants requesting help finding an appropriate 3PL. As a software company, we do not sell fulfillment services. Instead, we refer them to our 3PL Warehouse Manager customers, and in cases where merchants need multi-node fulfillment, we encourage them to use Extensiv Network Manager customers. 

At Extensiv, we are committed to continuously delivering the best and newest technology for our customers, as well as provide the professional support to utilize this technology to the fullest. Please contact us to get started today! 


Written by Frazer Kinsley 

Frazer Kinsley is the Director of Consulting Services at Extensiv, and the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Kinsley Partners. He is passionate about enabling brands, private warehouses, and 3PL operators to better serve their customer base through increased operational efficiencies, tech adaptation, and tailored service offerings to meet the demands of the industry. 



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