August 16, 2023

El Segundo, Calif. – Extensiv, the leading provider of omnichannel software solutions for warehouse, inventory, and order management, announced today that fast-growing boutique 3PL provider Boxio is leveraging Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager and Network Manager to achieve a remarkable tenfold increase in expected monthly order volumes.

“We've seen our shipment volumes soar from 20,000 a month to an astonishing 100,000, and we're confidently on track to hit the quarter-million mark by next year,” explained Gavin Clark, CEO and Founder of Boxio. “Extensiv’s automation and customer-focused approach are key to Boxio's success and will continue to be central to our future expansion plans.”

Boxio and Extensiv: A Partnership Fueling Growth

Boxio's relationship with Extensiv goes back several years, having previously relied on Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager. As Boxio's order volume grew and the company expanded to new locations, including a warehouse in Florida, its changing needs became more evident. Additional warehouses on both the west and east coasts are in the planning stages, adding further complexities.

Extensiv Network Manager streamlines and enhances multi-facility 3PL operations. Extensiv’s real-time automation and increased visibility across different 3PL warehouses enable Boxio to scale volume and control its new facilities effortlessly. Furthermore, Network Manager's seamless inventory management, automated order routing, and tools explicitly designed for multi-facility fulfillment efficiently align all parties in Boxio's network, making rapid expansion a reality.

Boxio reports several tangible benefits of Extensiv Network Manager, including:

  • Order Management and Automation: Boxio has fully embraced Network Manager's automation and order management capabilities, defining carrier rules based on weight and location, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective process.
  • Significant Cost Savings: By selecting the best shipping options for each scenario, Boxio has reduced shipping costs for their clients, with additional time savings achieved through the automation provided by Extensiv Orderbots.
  • Expansion Support and Scalability: Instrumental in Boxio's decision to open a new East Coast warehouse in Florida, Network Manager enables Boxio's goal of 250,000 orders shipped each month. With the geographic expansion, and the technology to support it, Boxio will be able to offer two-day ground delivery to 90% of the US.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Boxio's boutique-style service continues to be in demand. The company's growth plan aims to maintain this personalized approach, with Network Manager playing an essential role. With this geographic expansion and the technology to support it, Boxio can offer its customers faster and cheaper delivery. 

Gavin Clark: A CEO with Developer Insight

As a former software developer, Boxio CEO Gavin Clark has a unique perspective, appreciating Extensiv Network Manager from both a developer and business standpoint. This unique background gives him insights into the development and business aspects of the software he buys. 

Clark appreciates Extensiv’s user-friendliness, efficiency, integration capabilities, and thoughtful consideration of inventory and shipping needs. He is very impressed with Extensiv’s mobile barcode scanning solution, SmartScan, noting that new or temporary employees can learn to use it in under 15 minutes, and SmartPack tracks costs effectively. The detailed design and commitment to cost analysis align with his perspective as a developer and business owner.

“With plans to launch one of our largest clients in September, we remain confident in our ability to leverage our Extensiv relationship for our continual growth,” said Clark. “Our ability to provide a scalable and efficient fulfillment process allows our customers to remain competitive while providing best-in-class service to their customers.”

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