Ask any ecommerce business owner what the toughest warehouse management challenges are and you’ll hear a list of similar complaints. Many of these challenges are process issues that can be solved through automation. Barcode scanning software, and other inventory management automation tools, can resolve these and other issues and make your warehouse more productive and efficient.

Three Common Warehouse Management Challenges

Some challenges common to many ecommerce business warehouses include:

Problem 1: Receiving Area Challenges

Merchandise arrives in the receiving area, where it stays until you can’t move because boxes are piled up so high. Meanwhile, bins are showing as empty in the warehouse, yet you’ve got product waiting on the loading dock to be moved into receiving and inventory.

Solution: Staff needs to be reassigned quickly when shipments arrive. It’s critical to process materials in the receiving area so that you have plenty of items to ship out and fulfill orders. Barcode scanners such as the inventory system provided through Extensiv Warehouse Manager can make it much easier to scan orders into your warehouse management system. Then the items can be moved quickly from receiving into inventory, where they can be used to fulfill customer orders.

Problem 2: Picking Takes Too Long

Your pickers are slow, and the backlog of orders is starting to worry you. Staff insists they’re working as quickly as they can.

Solution: The solution lies in organizing your warehouse differently. Over time, warehouses tend to become messier as new products arrive and aren’t shelves logically. This acts like dominoes, making other areas of the warehouse messier until pickers can’t find what they need quickly and easily. Take time at the end of the quarter to inspect your warehouse and make sure that it’s set up logically for your pickers. Ask for their input. Arrange items so that the most popular items, and the ones most frequently picked, are nearest the packing station. These little changes can streamline warehouse management, operations, and speed fulfillment.

Problem 3: Misplaced Barcode Scanners

Someone keeps misplacing the barcode scanners. You’re down
to two when you know you had six last week. Productivity suffers.

Solution: Extensiv Warehouse Manager from Extensiv Warehouse Manager Software uses smartphones or tablets as barcode scanners.
They’re harder to misplace – just call the smartphone if you set it down and forgot it and listen to the ring tone! If you do need to replace them, you’re not locked into one particular vendor for replacements. You can shop around for the best price.

Improve Your Inventory Management with Extensiv Warehouse Manager

Extensiv's Warehouse Management Software offers mobile inventory management for your ecommerce business. Extensiv Warehouse Manager is integrates with many popular ecommerce platforms including Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and others, and it’s easy to install and use. 

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