There’s no way to get around it: selling successfully on Amazon is time-consuming. It’s not as simple as throwing up a few products and hoping they sell fast. If you truly want to grow your Amazon business, then you need assistance. It’s not a bad idea to hire and train a few qualified full-time individuals, but you should also consider contracting a few e-commerce freelancers.

The pool of Amazon freelancers includes many experts, which is a huge advantage. Because these experts already know their stuff, they can do a task in a couple hours that might take you ten. If you’ve ever spent days in Amazon’s PPC (Sponsored Products) platform, wondering why your ads aren’t delivering, then you might realize how nice it might be to have someone with a little more experience. A person with individual specialization can put time back in your hands and make a quick decision based on their past experiences.

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In this post, we discuss some of the specific areas where e-commerce freelancers can help you out. We’ve compiled a list of individuals you should consider hiring. All of these e-commerce freelancers have huge potential to grow your business, increase the value of your model, and help you win in terms of sales and profitability.

However, keep in mind that this list is not completely comprehensive. Some of these positions might not be the right fit for your business model, and there may also be other e-commerce freelancers missing from the list. Always consider your goals, customers, and products as you make a decision. If you have a need that doesn’t quite match the choices below, feel free to schedule a meeting with Nathan at for a free consultation.

10 E-Commerce Freelancers You Need to Succeed

1. Inventory manager

Inventory best practices are essential. They help you avoid interruptions in sales by keeping your products in stock, and they also help you dodge hefty Amazon storage fees. There’s a fine art to the balance between being well stocked yet not overstocked, and taking care to make sure new units are ordered when they should be. That’s why having an experienced inventory manager keeping an eye on everything is invaluable.

2. Order fulfillment specialist

Having someone ensuring your order fulfillment will help you avoid problems and poor customer reviews down the line. It’s a fairly simple job compared to some of the others on this list, but if want to save a couple hours each day, outsourcing this task a great idea (check out our guide on Amazon outsourcing for more tasks you can outsource).

3. Copywriter

If you want to succeed on Amazon, you need compelling product pages. Product page optimization means a persuasive, keyword-rich title, bullets, and main description. It will help you stand out from similar products, and reassure customers of your credibility as a third-party seller. A good copywriter will have Amazon-specific experience, and a talent for writing copy that appeals to the potential customer’s emotion. They will also know how to incorporate keywords that will rank well on Amazon in a way that’s natural and doesn’t appear overstuffed.

4. Designer and/or photographer

Just as you need great content to optimize your Amazon pages, you also need great images. One grainy shot is not enough. You should have high resolution photos of different angles, and maybe even a few pictures of the product in use. Hiring an e-commerce freelancer can take your images from awful to standout in just a couple weeks.

If you are paying for Amazon Plus, enhanced content, this is even more essential. You have an opportunity here to add videos, graphics, etc., so you’ll want a creative individual on your team.


5. Amazon PPC specialist

Also known as a “Sponsored Products” specialist, these experts can get eyeballs on your products, fast. We especially recommend hiring one of these if you are just starting out on Amazon. Getting up through the ranks of Amazon’s search results takes a long time. To make sales, you are going to want to use sponsored product ads to make it to the first page. But you’ll need someone who can do this correctly, without blowing through every cent you make.

6. Customer service associates

Many Amazon sellers spend way too much time on customer service. Handling bad reviews and complaints can be difficult and stressful, especially when you are growing. An experienced specialist knows how to manage angry customers and can run through these issues quickly. Then, you’re free to manage your higher level problems instead of having your time sucked away.

7. Amazon brand manager

If you’re selling your company’s own products on Amazon, then you should seriously consider hiring a brand manager. A brand manager can help you enforce MAP, get unauthorized retailers off your product listings, and drastically improve your pages. As you build your brand in a systematized and optimized manner, you will build a name that will pull in a bunch of sales over time.

8. Social media manager

This is another big one to consider if you’re selling your own products. Having a following on social media keeps people talking about your products and boosts your sales. A good social media manager will have connections with influencers, and be ready to implement a strategy to get you more likes, subscriptions, and clicks. Facebook is a huge audience that you should be tapping, and an experienced manager will know how to take advantage of the platform to reach out to potential customers.

9. Facebook Ads Specialist

Related to your social media manager is a Facebook Ads specialist. Facebook can generate a lot of revenue, since it allows for highly specific targeting. Someone who knows their way around the Business Manager will optimize every cent you spend advertising on the platform. They can also help you pick price points, set up a flow, and even make suggestions on design or copy to support your Ads strategy.

10. Personal assistant

Finally, if you find yourself working 60+ hour weeks, you might want to consider a personal assistant. An e-commerce virtual assistant can help you answer emails, check in on day-to-day numbers, and declutter your mass of pending tasks. You can often find non-US workers at very affordable prices who are excellent at this role.

The last thing you need to consider is where you can find these workers. Sites like Upwork and FreeeUp are some of your best options. Upwork is great for finding a massive volume of workers that you can choose from. FreeeUp may be the better choice if you’d prefer to do less digging and get matched up quickly with a pre-vetted worker who has the skills you need.

If you want additional advice on hiring e-commerce freelancers and remote employees, feel free to check out our book, Free Up Your Business. It’s packed full of advice on bootstrapping, building your team, growing your profit margin, and more.

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