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What You Need to Know About Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content

Chad Rubin

Chad Rubin is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Skubana, a multichannel e-commerce software the enables brands to unlock growth by unifying their back-office operations.

4 Min READ
What You Need to Know About Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content


Previously, Amazon only allowed sellers to write a single, plain-text paragraph as a description. Now EBC users can format, add breaks, use images, and better optimize their product descriptions to drive conversions.

But before we dive in, let's review what EBC actually is.

What is Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) was first introduced to sellers in November 2016. This feature allows Brand Registered Sellers to add rich content, including images, formatted text and product descriptions to showcase the unique value proposition of their products.


With more than 2 million sellers on Amazon, competing on the platform can be difficult, even for experienced e-commerce retailers. We encourage all Amazon sellers to take advantage of Amazon's enhanced brand content for their product descriptions, in order to attract attention and drive conversions.

Who Can Use Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon's A+ EBC is still rolling out, so you might not have it yet. However, once you get it, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is available for any third-party seller with their own branded products (you must have a Global Catalog Identifier or GCID) registered in Amazon's Brand Registry.

If you have your own products and you haven't registered them yet, it's a straightforward process to do so.

Enhanced Brand Content is free for now, but Amazon may charge for the feature later.

Differences Between EBC and Existing Services

Amazon now offers A+ Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon Business Enhanced Content, and A+ Detail Pages. While at first glance, each of these rich media content options look similar, they all have crucial differences.


A+ EBC allows you to create enhanced description pages, including images and formatted text, using templates. It is free to use (as of Jan, 2016), only available to 3rd party sellers with registered brand products, and has a variety of rules and restrictions.

A+ Detail Pages

A+ Detail pages allow you to build rich content pages using either Self Service Modules or Amazon Builds. Prices average between $400 and $1,200 depending on which option you choose. A+ Detail Pages are only available for Vendor Central subscribers.

Amazon Business Enhanced Content

Amazon Business Enhanced Content is available for Vendor Central subscribers and allows you to upload separate file pages to the detail page.

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

Setting up enhanced brand content will cost money. While A+ EBC is free for now, it still requires graphic design and content, all of which require time and money from sellers. For this reason, you should be aware of what you will get out of integrating EBC, and understand which of your products are worth the investment.

Rich Content

Enhanced Brand Content is Amazon's way of integrating rich media content into Amazon descriptions without allowing HTML. Rich content includes formatted and mixed media, allowing brands to be more interesting and engaging.

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In one study that analyzed more than 24,000 marketing efforts, it was found that rich media content earned anywhere from 3 to 6 times the conversion rate as plain text alone.

For now, there isn't enough data to show how well that will translate over to Amazon product pages, but Amazon quotes a 3-10% average increase in conversion for sellers using their similar premium A+ Pages service through Vendor Central.

This increased conversion is the primary reason to invest your time in A+ Enhanced Brand Content; you can make money. Rich content allows you to deliver information more quickly, grab attention, showcase your products with images and short text descriptions, and use bullet points to appeal to both intelligent buyers and product skimmers.

Brand Story

Enhanced Brand Content makes it easy to tell your brand's story, highlight why your product is different, and explain what your brand does best. You can showcase unique value points for consumers who want to know why they should buy your product.

The ability to share a story is a huge step for private label brands, that will now be able to differentiate themselves from generic and major brands.

Data shows that modern consumers want to know who they are buying from, and they want a face or a picture to go with their perception of your brand.

In one study, the use of brand characters in posts increased social engagement by more than 30%. Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content allows you to put a name and a face on your brand to build customer trust.


While Search Optimization is likely the last thing on Amazon's mind, it is something that you can get out of Enhanced Brand Content. EBC allows you to create modules with pictures and value points, which you can use to include your keywords, which will then come up in search.

How to Get Started with A+ Enhanced Brand Content

1) Make sure your products are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. If you own private label brands and they aren't registered yet, you can visit Amazon's Brand Registry to get started.

Amazon A+ Enhanced Brand Content

2) Visit the Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Page, available under "Advertising" from the menu in Seller Central. You can read through the Help section to learn more about requirements or begin creating an Enhanced Content Detail Page. You will need the SKU for the product to get started.

Amazon report

3) Choose a Template – Amazon currently offers five templates that allow you to upload images and text into predefined sections. Choose one, add your content, and submit it for review.

Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content

4) Submit – Amazon takes up to 7 days to review submissions. They currently allow sellers to have up to 20 pending submissions at once.


Best Practices

It's important to make the most of your Enhanced Brand Content. These best practices will help you optimize for success.

  • Highlight your unique value points. What does your product offer to sellers? Most shoppers purchase based on emotion rather than practical concerns, so highlighting benefits versus features will improve conversion. However, you don't want to forget either.
  • Check your reviews and competitor reviews to find out what users care about and then highlight those points. You can check customer returns to find similar data.
  • Use text on image media to highlight product features and benefits to improve conversion for skimmers
  • Most users prefer short content, so aim for a small amount of high quality content that allows users to quickly learn everything they need to know.
  • Optimize for mobile. Amazon.com receives over 8 million mobile visitors every day.
  • Focus on your best selling or highest ranking products first. If your product is more likely to make a return, it's a better investment.

What to Avoid

Amazon offers an in-depth list of what to avoid under the Enhanced Brand Content Help section and you should reference that before submitting your EBC page to avoid rejection.

You should avoid:

  • Referencing your company as a seller or distributor or provide company contact information
  • Using opinions or claims (I.E. Cheapest, Best, etc.)
  • Including copyrights, trademarks, or registered symbols including logos, branded content, etc.
  • Using third party quotes including references, reviews, and quotes
  • Mentioning shipping information
  • Including low quality images or images that don't reflect the product (Brand Story images are not required to include the product)
  • Adding duplicate images
  • Website links
  • Excessive use of bolding or capitalization

You must also hold to the category requirements for your product, maintain a high-quality standard of spelling and grammar, and treat your Enhanced Brand Content Detail Page with the same care you would any other product page.

Amazon's A+ Enhanced Brand Content brings A+ rich content to Seller Central, and if you have a private label product, you should be taking advantage of it. With benefits including branding, enhanced content for better engagement, and photos in the product description, it's well worth the time to integrate into your products.


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