After doing freight forwarding and trucking out of their New York location for several years, Woodland Group found new customers that wanted to expand on existing workflows to ship to retailers and ship direct-to-consumer (DTC), all while planning their business expansion to the west coast.

This prompted Woodland to search for a US-based warehouse management system (WMS). After narrowing their search from the top five warehouse management solutions, they ultimately decided to partner with Extensiv. 



in order volume


new customers

in the first year


order accuracy



Woodland started in 1988 and primarily focused on freight forwarding and trucking, but as the industry started to shift, they were not equipped to handle the new ecommerce and DTC customer base. Their new ecommerce customers had vastly different requirements for visibility into inventory levels, speed of transactions, and shipping rates. Woodland needed to find a solution that would meet their customers' expectations and ultimately make them invisible to the end consumer. 


Other solutions just didn’t fit right. Extensiv was the perfect fit for us. They shared our vision of actively being a part of our customers’ growth.

— Manny Arriaza
Woodland Group


After implementing Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager, Woodland Group was able to successfully expand their business into ecommerce and offer bespoke services to top-tier retailers. By utilizing rate shopping within Extensiv Small Pacel Suite, they are now able to offer customers with the best rates and services. Extensiv’s native integrations have allowed Woodland Group to integrate with other key players in logistics through one WMS interface. Extensiv delivers hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations to EDI, ecommerce, shipping, technology, and hardware solutions for rapid implementation. 


Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager has allowed Woodland Group to rapidly grow its customer base by adding 23 new customers within the first year and increasing order volume by 300% without increasing their employee headcount. With Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager’s modern tools, Woodland Group’s customers gain access to their own customer portal to track orders, reporting and dashboard tools to tracks service level agreements (SLAs), customer notifications to stay up-to-date on order status, and more. With increased efficiency and more visibility, back-office staff can focus directly on the customer's experience rather than their old manual tasks. As Woodland Group expands operations into new facilities, Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager offers the scalability they need. 


Woodland Group is an independent, specialist logistics and group supply chain management company. We are here to make logistics simple. Through our expertise and international network, we offer personalized solutions to help your business succeed. We believe our suite of logistics, ecommerce, and supply chain management services is the best there is. 

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