Brilliant Fulfillment is a woman-owned third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse business that evolved out of the desire to offer quality employment to staff and growth opportunities for small businesses.

After a year of hard work, owner Nancy Henger opened her 1,000 sq. ft. warehouse in October of 2013 and named it Brilliant Fulfillment—fondly abbreviated as ‘BFF’. Primarily focused on serving the health and beauty industry, Brilliant Fulfillment takes pride in being a woman-owned warehouse that helps its customers grow. “It’s a passion of mine to take on start-up businesses that are turned away by other warehouses due to lower volume,” says Nancy Henger, Founder and CEO of Brilliant Fulfillment. “It has been truly rewarding to watch them grow and help them succeed—much like a true BFF would.” 


order volume growth


growth in order volume

in the first year


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After a year of managing the warehouse using spreadsheets and juggling single-point software systems, Brilliant Fulfillment’s IT team found Extensiv for their warehouse management system (WMS) needs—moving away from paper and Excel. “Automating our warehouse with Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager transformed our operational efficiency,” says Michael Bryant, Vice President of Technology and Operations at Brilliant Fulfillment. “Spreadsheets just aren’t scalable to meet customer needs when you grow.” One of the biggest contributors to their current manual processes was due to disconnected software systems were not interoperable or easily integrated with customers' platforms. 


Spreadsheets just aren’t scalable to meet customer needs as you grow.

— Michael Bryant
Vice President, Technology and Operations, Brilliant Fulfillment


Michael believes that partnering with Extensiv played a large part in their success. “Extensiv allows us to gain credibility with our customers and offers the services they want and need.'' Thanks to Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager, Brilliant Fulfillment is able to offer a multitude of value-added services like ecommerce connectivity, EDI capabilities, kitting and assembly, triple-checked quality control, real-time inventory, real-time tracking, and reports, just to name a few. These offerings, delivered through best practice workflows built directly into the WMS, have helped Brilliant Fulfillment attract and retain their customers. 

In addition to offering enhanced functionality, Michael also reported that over 90% of Brilliant Fulfillment customers utilize Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager’s customer portal. This helps free up warehouse team members’ time since customers can run their own reports, view order statuses, and input their own orders. 


After implementing Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager, Brilliant Fulfillment’s experienced rapid growth. “A year after implementing Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager, we grew order volume by 175%” said Nancy. “By the next year, we increased order volume by 141%”. So far, Brilliant Fulfillment has increased order volume by 794% from their first year. They also quickly outgrew their 1,000 sq. ft. warehouse and continued expanding, consistently doubling the previous year’s warehouse size. 

As VP of Technology and Operations, Michael appreciates the open REST API that allows him to do custom development work for their customers. “When a customer asks if we can connect to the systems they’re already using,” Michael said, “I have the confidence to say ‘yes, we can do it.’” 

This high level of service and flexibility attracted more and more new business for Brilliant Fulfillment, and customers love the visibility and control into their inventory through the customer portal. “We would struggle to win business without these real-time tools,'' said Nancy. “Our competitors are still doing fulfillment the old-fashioned way. I’m glad that we can set a standard as industry leaders in our market.” 


We would struggle to win business without these real-time tools. I’m glad that we can set a standard as industry leaders in our market.

— Nancy Henger
CEO and Founder, Brilliant Fulfillment


Brilliant Fulfillment is a woman-owned, full-service logistics company with a focus on the health and beauty industry. When it comes to fulfillment and kitting, our outstanding experience in working with health and beauty clients enables us to understand their unique challenges and needs. 

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