August 09, 2022

El Segundo, CA

Extensiv - delivering omnichannel software solutions for warehouse, inventory, and order management - today announced the launch of its Parcel API, a new application programming interface (API) for Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager customers that allows virtually any small parcel shipping provider to integrate to 3PL Warehouse Manager and make their services available to its 1100+ 3PLs. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers can now quickly and easily add the most efficient and economic shipping option to support whatever shipping provider their customers demand, enabling 3PLs to win more business and operate more efficiently. 

“Small parcel shipping is getting more difficult as major shipping carriers raise rates, increase surcharges, and stop working with smaller volume customers,” said Amit Kumar, Vice President of Product at Extensiv. “This volatility has driven innovation across the world of small parcel deliveries, with new providers emerging every day, including next and same day. The Parcel API is all about options and leverage, providing the most connected warehouse management system in the market for small parcel delivery options. The new API structure enhances our capabilities across multiple providers, helping our 3PL customers move beyond a limited number of shipping partners.” 

Extensiv’s Parcel API 

Parcel API is an open platform that allows Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager customers to select the provider best suited to business needs, providing access to more options for carrier integration and provider services. With the Extensiv Parcel API and a growing list of shipping partners, 3PLs will be able to work with virtually any label provider, ensuring they receive the best shipping price and performance. Rather than relying on a single partner for capabilities, 3PLs can turn to Extensiv’s partner Ecosystem for more options, offering flexibility as needs change and supporting the best pricing and performance for shipping needs.  

The Parcel API builds on Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager’s Small Parcel Suite, a SaaS-based paperless warehouse efficiency solution for 3PLs offering ecommerce and omnichannel fulfillment. With the Small Parcel Suite, 3PL warehouses reduce packing time by 50% by offering regular order packing and packing from shelves. The Small Parcel Suite drives accuracy by ensuring that verified orders are correct. In addition, Small Parcel Suite customers can save thousands per month on carrier fees by leveraging rate shopping rules to automatically print the lowest cost label.  

Additional benefits of the Extensiv Parcel API: 

  • Connection to the widest array of shipping partners: 3PL warehouses use a variety of carriers for shipping, but the market includes hundreds of carriers, including small, regional players. Each carrier has a unique offering through API connections, including specialty services.  
  • Win more business: By having the flexibility to work with any carrier their customer needs and negotiate better shipping rates, 3PLs can differentiate their business and win more clients. 
  • Reduced complexity of shipping integrations: Extensiv Parcel API helps users keep pace with the dynamic market through access to label providers. 
  • Access to innovation: As this dynamic and growing sector of the industry evolves, Extensiv Parcel API will help provide access to new capabilities from well-established providers and exciting new entrants.  
  • Enhanced high volume processing (HVP): By allowing 3PLs to process labels for many orders simultaneously, Extensiv Parcel API helps 3PLs operate warehouses more efficiently.  
  • Lower shipping and transportation costs: Outside of labor, shipping and transportation are the largest expenses for warehouses. Leveraging pre-negotiated rates through Parcel API label partners, 3PLs can significantly reduce shipping costs. 
  • Reduced chargeback expenses: Extensiv Parcel API minimizes the chances of incurring the steep chargebacks often billed for mismanaging shipments, such as penalties for printing a label with a non-valid service.  

For carriers looking to offer their services to Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager customers, this opens a new avenue to integrate with the system. In the coming months, Extensiv will expand carrier programs with early adopter partners, as well as programs open participation to a broader array of third parties through the Parcel API. 

Click here to learn more about Extensiv’s small parcel solutions. 


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