January 09, 2024

Dashboard gives brands instant access to actionable insights to optimize inventory strategies, drive efficiency, and boost profitability 

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Today, Extensiv (formerly 3PL Central) — delivering omnichannel software solutions for warehouse, inventory, and order management — announced the launch of the Extensiv Sales Analytics Dashboard. The new module gives brands unprecedented clarity into sales performance, providing actionable insights on sales trends, SKU performance, and channel activity to optimize inventory and enhance profitability. 

Ecommerce brands often need help evaluating sales data efficiently due to the reliance on fragmented systems, complex spreadsheets and manual analysis. This reliance makes trend analysis and data synthesis difficult, especially when managing extensive product information across multiple sales channels. A deficit in data analytics skills can make brands slow to react to market changes, pointing to a need for more streamlined, automated data management and strategic planning solutions in the ecommerce industry.  

Historically, brands have spent countless hours and invested in analytics platforms or hired data analysts to help overcome this lack of visibility. The Extensiv Sales Analytics Dashboard addresses this need by providing a detailed view of sales revenue, with the ability to filter data by sales channel, product category, and SKU, facilitating prompt and knowledgeable decision-making. 

"The Extensiv Sales Analytics Dashboard has become a pivotal addition to our operational toolkit. Thanks to its detailed analysis capabilities, it affords us a panoramic view of our sales across multiple channels with the granularity needed for strategic planning,” said Josiah Snapper, of Arcavate Corporation. “The dashboard streamlines what was once a labor-intensive reporting process, and has enabled us to quickly run reports, providing immediate insights into sales performance and market trends, which is crucial for our family-owned business to stay agile and responsive in a dynamic marketplace" 

The Extensiv Sales Analytics Dashboard empowers CEOs with daily snapshots of business performance, comprehensive sales data, simplifying product and inventory strategy development. Additionally, the dashboard’s capability to geographically map sales and fulfillment data reveals inefficiencies in the fulfillment network, offering opportunities to intelligently locate inventory and reduce shipping costs by partnering with regional providers through Extensiv’s Fulfillment Marketplace. 

“We not only simplify business health monitoring through intuitive visuals and detailed analytics but also provide ecommerce businesses with vital data for strategic decision-making,” said Brian Sevy, principal product manager at Extensiv. “Merchandising teams gain insights into sales trends and SKU performance, while the geographic fulfillment efficiency map sheds light on operational effectiveness. By enabling brands to compare year-over-year performance of channels and SKUs, the dashboard helps brands take action where it is most needed.” 

Click here to learn more about Extensiv’s Sales Analytics Dashboard. 

About Extensiv  

Extensiv, formerly 3PL Central, is a visionary technology leader focused on creating the future of omnichannel fulfillment. We partner with warehouse professionals and entrepreneurial brands to transform their fulfillment operations in the radically changing world of commerce and consumer expectations. Through our unrivaled network of more than 1,500 connected 3PLs and a suite of integrated, cloud-native warehouse management (WMS), order management (OMS), inventory management (IMS), and integration management software, we enable modern merchants and brands to fulfill demand anywhere with superior flexibility and scale without painful platform migrations as they grow. More than 25,000 logistics professionals and thousands of brands trust Extensiv every day to drive commerce at the pace that modern consumers expect. Learn more at www.extensiv.com.  


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