April 09, 2020

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Recognized Eight Years in a Row for Helping Logistics Professionals Meet Supply Chain Challenges 

EL SEGUNDO, CA – April 9, 2020 —3PL Central, the leader in cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) built to meet the unique needs of third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses, today announced that Inbound Logistics Magazine has named them a 2020 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for the eighth straight year. Inbound Logistics presents this award to businesses who offer solutions to help logistics professionals meet today’s supply chain growing challenges.

“Each year we challenge ourselves to bring new functionality, service levels, and a better experience to our customers,” said Dan Salazar, vice president of Sales at 3PL Central. “From our 3PL Intelligence Initiative to improve 3PL customer operations to the number of ecommerce enhancements made to our core WMS offering, 3PL Central quickly transforms warehouse businesses into service leaders so they can focus on the needs their customers.”

In the past year, 3PL Central has focused on improving 3PL Warehouse Manager WMS to include modernized ecommerce warehouse processes. This includes the release of the enhanced Unified Small Parcel Shipping Suite. These 3PL ecommerce product enhancements deliver best practices around small parcel shipping offering increased efficiency around paperless WMS automation saving 3PLs up to 161 hours on manual entry each month.

For 3PLs looking to transform ecommerce warehouse processes to improve productivity and accuracy, additions such as rate shopping to seamlessly integrate with shipping carriers for the best rates and SmartScan mobile barcode scanning for hands-free picking and automation are more important than ever. These added features and functionalities help 3PLs leverage ecommerce WMS software to meet the growing consumer needs.

 Additionally, 3PL Central released SmartDock a web-based scheduling platform focused on helping 3PLs efficiently manage appointments and reduce costs. This latest release is yet another opportunity for 3PL Central to boost warehouse efficiency by reducing manual appointment scheduling by up to 90%.

 “3PL Central has yet again showcased the ability to solve complex logistics challenges through technology, “said Felecia Stratton, editor of Inbound Logistics. “As the logistics and supply chain industry continues to evolve, its important to partner with companies like 3PL Central who invest in delivering solutions that improve accuracy and efficiency for 3PLs.”

“Our entire company focuses on meeting our customers’ needs by offering complete visibility and increased operational growth,” said 3PL Central’s head of product, Brian Sevy. “Having the tools to meet today’s warehouse challenges, especially those focused on ecommerce, is all about connecting the right people with the right technology. And right now, we’re focused on delivering a WMS that connects the entire supply chain from a unified WMS network.”

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3PL Central is the leader in cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) solutions built to meet the unique needs of the 3PL warehousing community. Serving as the backbone of our customer's operations, our platform quickly transforms paper-based, error-prone businesses into service leaders who can focus on customer satisfaction, operate more efficiently, and grow faster. Offering a comprehensive warehouse management platform, we make it easy for 3PLs to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and deliver complete visibility to their customers. As the proven industry leader for over a decade, 3PL Central accurately manages billions of dollars in inventory and processes more than 1 million orders a week from our customers and their customers’ systems. For press inquiries and questions, please contact us.​

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