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Landing your products in a big box store is a dream come true. However, implementing new processes to comply with packing, labeling, and routing guidelines and processing an influx of nuanced documents in a short window can be overwhelming. You may find relief in cross-training or hiring temporary workers to help with data entry, only to realize you still need to catch up while labor costs eat into profits. Investing in EDI will take operational efficiency to unseen heights, processing stacks of paperwork and massive shipments in record time. Open the doors to new opportunities as a reliable vendor your trading partners can depend on.    
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Extensiv Integration Manager is a necessary addition to our business. We need Extensiv for our business and they can be very responsive, accommodating and flexible. These guys are techy and not salespeople so you get what you pay for - in a good way. They're not over promising and under delivering.

— Phillip B.

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