In the world of ecommerce, consumer expectations are higher than ever. Amazon has trained shoppers that next-day, free shipping is the price to be competitive. Traditional 3PLs are facing new competition from an array of well-funded competitors that aim to take advantage of these rising expectations. New entrants are taking market share and stealing customers from 3PLs that fail to evolve.

For 3PLs, staying alive requires acting before it's too late. Find out in our whitepaper what strategies are needed to evolve fulfillment for the future.


Included in this white paper:

Learn what an adaptable fulfillment strategy for the future looks like for 3PLs, including:

  • Designing a competitive fulfillment offering with geographic diversification, high-quality service, and consistent experience
  • Becoming as adaptable as the internet through multiple nodes, order routing, global visibility, and more
  • Capitalizing on the market opportunity of support for specialized networks

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