Thanks to the Amazon Effect, which normalized free two-day delivery for most online orders, consumer expectations have skyrocketed, and as fulfillment providers, you need to make sure you can help your customers compete in the fast-paced ecommerce market. The logistics landscape is evolving, becoming more connected as the industry shifts away from single fulfillment partners to synchronized fulfillment networks that are more adept at meeting brand service level agreements (SLAs) and consumer expectations.

But managing multi-warehouse operations is complex—exponentially more so than running a standalone third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse. You simply cannot reach peak efficiency and profitability running a multi-warehouse operation without the right technology.

Download this guide to learn how order routing, adopted from order management system (OMS) software, acts as the technological foundation for the fulfillment networks of the future and how it works with your warehouse management system (WMS). In this guide, we define the significance of order routing and explain its technological capabilities in detailed sections that include:

  • OMS as the Foundation for Order Routing
  • Order Routing and the Future of Fulfillment
  • Ways WMS and OMS Work Together

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