Vincero had a solution in place to manage their inventory and orders, but manual work held the team and business back from growing. 

They turned to Extensiv to not only save time but also reduce shipping costs and optimize how and when products were delivered to customers. 


4-6 hours


Increase productivity


during the busy season


Anthony Tartaro, Head of Operations at Vincero, was flooded with responsibilities because just about everything had to be done manually in their prior system. As a small company with around ten employees, Tartaro and his team were lost in managing returns and processing international shipping which made up roughly 35% of business. At the time, Vincero was only managing 10% of their current order volume and knew the amount of manual work was unsustainable. 


Everybody says the most valuable thing is time. I think what Extensiv has done is it has given us a lot more time. So many things are automated. When new things come up, the Extensiv team has worked with us to implement new solutions.

— Anthony Tartaro
Head of Operations, Vincero


When your goal is to get packages to excited customers before they become angry customers, having a reliable tool for managing inventory and orders is crucial. For Tartaro and his team, the solution to grow their global business was Extensiv. Upgrading their technology allowed Vincero to optimize how quickly customers can get products and how they can control their inventory across multiple warehouses. Suddenly, the team was able to spend time where it mattered, on growing the brand. 


Extensiv streamlined their process which helped cut their shipping costs but also cut down times for customers to get their products. Instead of trying to keep their heads above water, Tartaro received three to four hours back each day. They now are able to focus on the customer experience and building a community for their brand. When it comes to busy season, they expect to save up to 75% more timeVincero turned their operation from a bottleneck to catalyst for success. 


For many people, coming out of college can be daunting. When you're headed to an interview and you're trying to look the part, a great watch can help. However, most quality watches might require you to take out another student loan. With this in mind, Vincero was launched as an affordable watch brand with quality components. For its young customers, it's a confidence booster. 

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