Nomad Goods started with a massive launch on Kickstarter for their super-slim USB cable charger, tripling their original goal.

The direct-to-consumer brand quickly grew their product line, but as they expanded inventory management issues started piling up. They turned to Extensiv after being referred by a friend and quickly realized it was a perfect fit.

14.6% increase 

in Shopify order volume

125% increase

in Amazon order volume


Brian Hahn, Nomad’s Co-Founder & COO, spent the bulk of his day hunched over spreadsheets, estimating inventory levels, and trying to piece together insights from multiple systems via excel. Without a single source of truth for their inventory, miscommunications were a daily occurrence. Meetings to discuss new product launches and promotional plans were cancelled in favor of lengthy operational alignment meetings.


[Extensiv] is the only inventory management service that we found that allows us to have inventory in transit and warehoused in multiple locations. It seems that lots of other platforms, can’t handle the nuances faced by many ecommerce sellers.

— Brian Hahn
Co-Founder & COO, Nomad Goods


After a tip from a friend who had similar issues, Hahn reached out to Extensiv. When it came to selling hundreds of SKUs across multiple channels, he was struck by how adaptable Extensiv was to the nuances faced by a brand like Nomad. Now, their operation was capable of effectively expanding sales channels, growing their product line, and managing inventory across multiple warehouses.


Nomad’s implementation was smooth, only taking four weeks to get up and running. They quickly realized the benefits of using a single application to manage all their inventory and sales channels. Since the switch to Extensiv, order volume on Nomad's Shopify site grew by an average of 14.6 percent while Amazon order volumes grew 125 percent. The team spends more time innovating their product catalog and focusing on strategic initiatives instead of manually piecing together their fulfillment tech stack.


You wake up in the morning, you look at your dashboard, and you know everything that’s happening, and you know what you need to do, what’s an action item, how many orders are coming in.

— Bryson Smith
Operations Manager, Nomad Goods


In 2012, a few minimalist adventure seekers shared a vision for a product—a discrete and portable charging device. They created the ChargeCard, a super-slim USB Cable charger that fit in any wallet like a credit card, and launched it on Kickstarter. After gaining attention from the New York Times and other major media outlets, the project want viral and tripled their target funding goal.

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