Netrush has implemented many new high-tech solutions to distinguish themselves and move ahead in the competitive market of Third-Party Logistics.  

In 2020, when Netrush was experiencing a growth spurt, they realized they would need a more robust and scalable Warehouse management System (WMS) to move at the pace they wanted. Their legacy WMS, was complex and unwieldy, requiring a mountain of IT infrastructure to manage simple tasks like onboarding new customers. With the Extensiv suite, Netrush was able to move at the pace they wanted and by leveraging the seamless connections provided for every part of their fulfillment stack. 


55+ hours every week

by automating warehouse management

Increased order volume by




Netrush was wasting valuable hours using a code-heavy WMS platform that was preventing them from growing at a manageable pace.  

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“Extensiv supports our growth and allows us to move at the pace we need to. So many of our routine tasks are now turnkey and automated."

— Michael Smith
Director of Supply Chain, Netrush


They implemented Extensiv with the help of a dedicated Implementation Manager and were able to seamlessly connect their entire tech stack, including B2B sales channels, DTC sites, ecommerce platforms, and high-tech autonomous robots on their warehouse floor. Netrush was able to streamline their order flow, synchronize their inventory, and find scalable ways to optimize for their needs. 


With Extensiv eliminating all the frustrating coding that was impacting customers with a simple, no-code process and providing fully synchronized, real-time inventory visibility, Netrush reduced the time spent managing their WMS from 60 hours a week to less than 5 hours. They now expand into new lines of business with the confidence provided by a reliable operational backbone. 


Netrush is a high tech 3PL offering agile 3PL logistics and Ecommerce fulfillment all under one roof

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