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Caskata has adapted to economic storms over recent years to thrive as a woman-owned, design-driven table-top brand selling uniquely beautiful products online.

As the business pivoted more to D2C from a largely dominate wholesale strategy based on consumer demands, they partnered with a 3PL to outsource fulfillment but soon realized it became more complex to manage inventory and stay on top of financials. They found Extensiv and hit the jackpot, leveraging the high functionality platform and affordable pricing to fuel their small business.


96 days per year

through automation


80% of business

with Extensiv


Caskata was managing an increasingly complex business on disparate systems and wasting hours manually managing orders and company financials.


“If you want an affordable but robust solution for running your business that can scale, Extensiv is a solid choice.”

— Leigh Jacoby
Director of Operations, Caskata


They implemented Extensiv, centralized inventory and order management, seamlessly connected multiple channels and locations, and automated huge swathes of financial management. Caskata also unlocked analytics that help predict demand, optimize stock levels, and maximize profits.


With Extensiv streamlining order orchestration and financial management, Caskata saves 96 days per year. They scale without hiring and have happier, more loyal customers.

caskata logo

Caskata is a woman-owned, design-driven table-top brand committed to making uniquely beautiful products for the home.

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