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Evolving and growing a customer-focused 3PL

APS Fulfillment is a trusted partner for hundreds of ecommerce businesses across the U.S. In the decade since it was founded, APS has been on a fascinating journey. 

As with most logistics startups, the early years threw up tough challenges. APS needed to move away from manual processes that diminished their productivity toward more efficiency and automation.


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Manually managing operations constrained APS to process just 60 orders a day, as it took 30 minutes to process a single order. Customer integrations were another challenge; their legacy tech platform charged up to $350 to set up a single integration with a customer’s marketplace partner, not including hosting costs. 


We were losing out on customers because of the extra costs, particularly as some competitors offered no setup fees.

— Jack Lombardi
Director of Business Development, APS Fulfillment


Today, Extensiv speeds up every aspect of APS’ warehouse and fulfillment operations. Running their entire operations from a single platform is a game changer.

Extensiv Integration Manager has enabled APS to integrate customers’ ecommerce stacks quickly, reliably, and for a fraction of the cost, making them more competitive and saving $40,000 per year. Plus, using the combination of SmartScan and Small Parcel Suite has allowed them to process 1000s more orders than they would have, utilizing handheld scanners and batch printing labels to decrease order processing by 97%.

Now that their fulfillment operations are running smoothly and efficiently, APS is using Labor Analytics to further optimize the productivity of their staff.


Extensiv is the backbone for running our business. It creates huge efficiency in our workflows.

— Jack Lombardi
Director of Business Development, APS Fulfillment


With faster, more efficient fulfillment and huge cost savings on integrations, APS is winning more clients and seeing a surge in revenue from new business. They brought in $250,000 above expectations in a single quarter. In addition, APS saves time and gains efficiency across its operations, reducing order fill time to just one minute without adding any additional staff. Order volume has exploded, with APS now handling between 400 and more than 1,000 orders per day. On an average day, that’s an increase of 1,200% in orders processed.


Extensiv enables us to offer a better service to our clients. This enables our clients to sell more of their products and grow. So, everyone helps each other.

— Jack Lombardi
Director of Business Development, APS Fulfillment

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APS Fulfillment is a product fulfillment facility in South Florida, U.S. They provide fast, flexible, precise, and cost-effective solutions for clients using turnkey, state-of-the-art technology.

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