July 31, 2008

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On-Demand 3PL WMS Now Supports Variable Unit of Measure SKUs for Small- and Mid-sized Public Warehouses

Orem, UT – July 31, 2008 – 3PL Central (www.3plcentral.com), the first on-demand 3PL software provider to focus on small- to mid-sized 3PLs, today announced support for SKUs via its flagship 3PL WMS offering, 3PL Warehouse Manager. Accurate inventorying of Variable Units of Measures, often called “catch weight,” is critical to cold storage facilities and public warehouses handling products with inconsistent product weight configurations. This dual inventory measurement is typically found when managing food and food-related ingredients, as well as components materials, such as textiles, metals, and chemicals.

As with all 3PL Warehouse Manager features, this new Variable Unit of Measure enhancement was initiated and developed in response to the expressed needs of current 3PL Central customers. The new capability supports a variety of configurations – and can capture primary and variable units throughout the warehouse’s workflow, including during receipt, order allocation and upon shipment – ensuring total accuracy and visibility.

“3PL Central really understands my needs as a 3PL and has developed the exact 3PL WMS functionality necessary to support my food-related inventory management system needs,” said Zachary Swartley, Vice President at EZ3PL. “And with the Billing Wizard, they help make sure we don’t miss any billable events.”

3PL Central’s on-demand warehouse management system (WMS), 3PL Warehouse Manager™, provides third party warehouse operators a full-featured – yet affordable – “pay for what you use” 3PL WMS solution. And as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, the variable unit of measure enhancement is available as a free and instant upgrade to all 3PL Central subscribers who support more than 200 customer inventories in over 2.5 million square feet of warehouse space worldwide.

“We’re exited about the new variable unit of measure capabilities for our existing and future customers,” said John Watkins, President and CEO of 3PL Central. “The way we’ve implemented the feature goes well beyond just catch weight and supports our 3PL customers’ diverse vendor needs so they can grow their businesses.”

In addition to the new variable unit of measure feature, 3PL Warehouse Manager also supports multi-customer, multi-warehouse and multi-user facilities – as well as; billing management, advanced EDI support and real-time web-based inventory visibility. Using 3PL Warehouse Manager allows small- to mid-sized warehouse operators to add new business without being restricted by the technological limitations or financial barriers they encounter with packaged software products.

3PL Warehouse Manager™: Affordable

3PL Warehouse Manager is the first web-based, on-demand (Software as a Service – SaaS) warehouse management system focused on public and third-party warehouses. 3PL Warehouse Manager provides functionality previously found only in high-cost, traditional WMS applications. 3PL Warehouse Manager’s advanced functionality includes real-time online reporting, kitting support, advanced billing management and EDI integration. 3PL Warehouse Manager is now available to any size warehouse operation starting at $295 per month.

For a free trial or to register for special live online demos covering the new variable unit of measure feature,

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3PL Central (www.3plcentral.com) is a new breed of 3PL software provider, offering on-demand supply chain software focused on the needs of 3PLs, public and third-party warehouses. 3PL Central provides a variety of software including 3PL Warehouse Manager™, the first on-demand Warehouse Management System (WMS) built to provide public warehouse operations enterprise-class WMS functionality. All of 3PL Central’s products are offered via an on-demand, or Software as a Service (SaaS) model, enabling 3PLs and public warehouses access to cutting-edge software at a low monthly fee and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of supply chain execution software from the traditional “buy, upgrade and maintain” software cycle.

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