Detail Page Views (DPV)

What is Detail Page Views (DPV)?

Detail page views (DPV) are a popular metric that reveal the number of clicks or impressions on a single detail page of an advertised product. In other words, a DPV occurs when a shopper visits a product detail page after clicking on a targeted ad to get there. With this information, marketing teams have a better understanding whether their advertisements are really working — i.e. if they’re driving customers to collect more details about a particular product or service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I see campaign metrics such as DPV?

    If you run an Amazon storefront, you can see campaign metrics like DPV from your Seller Central or Vendor Central account. From the main seller page, click ‘Business Reports’ (from the left side of the page), or choose ‘Reports’ from along the top. This will show you the total number of times someone visited your landing page, as well as similar user behavior KPIs.

  • What does it mean if DPV is low?

    Ecommerce merchants who carry out Amazon advertising campaigns (using Amazon Marketing Services) can easily evaluate their DPV index for Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Product Ads, and Product Search Ads. Regardless of whether their page has been accessed in an organic or inorganic way, their unique DPV still represents an important metric for the assessment of the ad campaign and listing quality. A low DPV may indicate the need to switch up pricing strategies, or invest more revenue into targeted ads and listings. 

  • How can I improve DPV?

    For any company looking to improve their page views, there are a number of ways to enhance these performance indicators. For example, brands can add floating social share buttons on their best sellers, ensure their content meets customer expectations, or use a good SEO plugin to help rank in the most popular search engines. Remember, any effort toward optimization of your click-through rate will inevitably boost your conversion rate, as well.