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2023 Warehouse Real Estate Trends 

With 60% of warehouses reporting running above capacity and consumer expectations for fast and free shipping rising, how can you increase your warehouse space and expand your geographic reach? 

Join Extensiv CMO Rachel Trindade for a conversation with Mike Fisher, real estate advisor at CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm. They will look at the industry’s current status and discuss real estate warehousing trends and how to evaluate expansion options. 

This webinar provides valuable information for both 3PLs looking to address warehouse space constraints and merchants looking to expand their geographic reach.  

Topics we cover: 
  • Warehouse capacity and real estate trends
  • Top growth markets, vacancy rates, rents, and costs to consider when buying or building
  • Top ways to reduce cost of occupancy
  • Creative solutions for 3PLs and merchants in cost-constrained environments 

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