From $0-20M With An Unforgettable Brand

Chad Rubin, a marketing mastermind and CEO of Skubana and Think Crucial, will tell you how. Rubin started out on Wall Street, and then started selling vacuum parts from his parents' business.

How on earth did Chad Rubin get to where he is now?

Find out in this podcast, and tune into these other topics:

  • What’s stopping sellers from the results that they need to get to the next level?
  • Horror stories about Amazon restrictions and account shutdowns, and how to get out of them and prevent them from happening
  • Diversification tactics for marketplaces so you'll never get hurt by restrictions or account shutdowns
  • How to figure out where all of your buyers frequent so you can capture and convert them

About the Expert Guests:

chad rubin v1

Chad Rubin

Founder and CEO


Celena Chong

Celena Chong

Growth Manager

Celena Chong

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