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From Chaos to Control: Enhancing 3PL Warehouse Efficiency with Technology

Growing your business and keeping your customers happy requires efficient warehouse management. Whether you’ve implemented technology into your operations, or you are thinking about the why, what, and how, watch our webinar to understand the answers.

David Miller, Extensiv’s VP of Strategy, will talk with Eric Lindberg, Sales Executive at Barcodes, Inc. They will share how and why barcode scanning is essential for streamlining and controlling your operations, as well as all the additional advantages, features, and benefits this one technology can unlock. All can lead to greater efficiency and increase profitability for you and your customers.

Topics include:

  • Why implementing barcode scanning is crucial to an efficient warehouse
  • How to better control and manage inventory, orders, and labor
  • Customer story showcasing the benefits of barcoding implementation
  • Top strategies for optimal results

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