DTC Expert Panel: Avoid Common Mistakes

Modern brands are built on a singular vision, one that’s easy to hold onto when you’re small and close to every detail. However, ecommerce growth is breaking records in all categories! Statistics show that this year the DTC market is projected to reach almost $20 billion worldwide. This increase is huge and only expected to grow in the future. With a huge opportunity to scale, comes greater complexity, and more chances to fail. We don’t want that for you. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tinuiti and LoyaltyLion to help you avoid common mistakes.

Discussion topics include:

🚚 How to manage relationships with 3PL(s)

📦 How to overcome stock issues

📈 How to scale without fail

⚙️ How to save time with automation

📊 How to keep your inventory and financial data accurate and up-to-date

🎯 How to increase your customer retention

About the Expert Guests:


Ashley Brown

Partner Marketing Manager


Josh Brisco

Josh Brisco

VP, Growth Media


Hannah Cook

Hannah Cook

Customer Success Specialist


Adii Pienaar

Adii Pienaar



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