Optimizing Amazon Product Listings

This webinar drops serious value, as e-commerce experts from CPC Strategy and Skubana discuss how to optimize your product listings and rank on Amazon.

Discussion topics include:

  • Understanding Amazon's Algorithm - Amazon vs. Google: What's the Difference? - What are they looking for? - Search terms with patents - Relevance of QID and NID
  • How to Create Conversion Rate Optimized Compelling Content - the importance of compelling titles - who are we optimizing for? - learn from those who are crushing it
  • How to Do Things Differently - Keyword research - how to use value proposition - analyzing your negative reviews and those from your competitors
  • How to Use Images, Featured Bullet Points, Video etc to optimize your listings - adding high quality photos - putting text in the images to add value prop - take advantage of uploading videos for your products
  • How to Get Frequently Purchased Products Together - how to use special offers to add value and bundle products together
  • How to Drive more Traffic - Promos - Sponsored Ads - Amazon AMS - Facebook/ Instagram Bonus information: - What you can learn from negative reviews and how to turn them into something positive - Learning from competitors - How to use incentivized reviews to your advantage

About the Expert Guests:

Chad Rubin

Chad Rubin

CEO and Co-Founder


Pat Petriello

Pat Petriello

Marketplace Strategy

CPC Strategy

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