7 Failures that Nearly Killed My Amazon Business

Amazon isn’t what it used to be. But there are plenty of gurus still pushing the Amazonian dream as if the competition hasn’t heated up dramatically.

As if Jeff Bezos hasn’t launched a hundred private labels and doubled fees. As if competition from China hasn’t caught up with sellers in the States. As if pay-per-click hasn’t become a requirement to be seen.

The set-it-and-forget-it, dropship-from-the-airstrip mentality is deadly to any business that relies on Amazon. Even experienced and dedicated sellers make mistakes.

Chad Rubin has been a top 100 seller for ten years, but last year, he saw his margins shrink and his Amazon sales founder.

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Kristin Leishman

Kristin Leishman

Chief Operating Officer

Think Crucial

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Persephanie Arellano

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