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4th Annual Third-Party Logistics Warehouse Benchmark Analysis and Live Discussion

Despite the fluctuating economy, many third-party logistics warehouses are still seeing an increase in profits. Want to know what they do differently to see that growth? Watch the 4th Annual 3PL Warehouse Benchmark Report analysis and live discussion.

Join Rachel Trindade, Extensiv’s CMO, as she shares the results of our 2023 3PL Warehouse Benchmark Survey. With input from 240+ 3PL warehouses, we break down the data and provide year-over-year comparisons of more than 30 industry-specific insights, trends, and key takeaways to guide your growth strategy.

During the discussion, we cover:

  • Changing order volumes trends
  • Which investments bring the biggest growth in profitability
  • How to manage rising labor costs
  • Efficient cash flow practices
  • What data drives the best performance

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