Peak Season Panel for Retailers and Ecommerce Merchants

Top Strategies for Inventory Planning, Marketing, Labor, and Technology 

Peak Season presents a huge opportunity for ecommerce merchants and retailers. But if you want this to be your best peak season ever, preparation will be the key to your brand’s success! 

Learn from the experts on how to boost sales and deliver customer satisfaction. 

Martina Vancena, Sr. Manager Partnerships at Extensiv, will be getting all the insider tips and best practices from Maier Bianchi, Founder/CEO of Bemeir; Ben Bratland, Director Channel Sales, SPS Commerce; and Extensiv’s Director of Brand Strategy, Olivia Frere 

Topics we’ll be covering: 

  • Inventory Planning and Fulfillment Strategies 
  • Marketing Strategies and Ecommerce Experience 
  • Labor Needs During Peak Season 
  • Technology and Systems 


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