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Serkan Yildiz, the owner of Shipontime, founded the business on knowledge gained from his previous company, an ecommerce business specializing in brand-name beauty products.

He transferred that skillset to his new warehousing business, focusing on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) prep. During the first few years, Shipontime experienced success with two to three large customers who filled his 57,000-square-foot space up with multiple products. However, like many business owners, he was forced to pivot during the global COVID-19 pandemic.





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Shipontime’s biggest challenge since the pandemic has been finding and retaining employees. Even though Shipontime increased wages the previous year, many new employees started and turned over within weeks for another offer. This means constantly onboarding new employees. Shipontime needed a way to streamline processes so that it could easily scale to get new employees on the warehouse floor fulfilling orders quickly.

Shipontime was using a simple task management platform to track FBA prep efforts throughout the operation. However, while the software provided organization, it required manual input and didn’t enable communication with clients about their products. Shipontime’s time and resources were being used to manually track customers’ orders and inventory levels rather than being used to acquire new customers and grow the business. In searching for a new system, enabling a great customer experience was key, as resolving issues in real-time was essential to optimizing time spent on individual cases.


Just by looking at my time, my employees’ time, and how things are going, it would be a minimum 50% increase in productivity, if not more.

— Serkan Yildiz
Owner, Shipontime


Shipontime implemented and went live with 3PL Warehouse Manager and SmartScan within a couple of weeks. Staff received professional, crisp, step-by-step training during implementation. Training was also supplemented with information from Extensiv’s Help Center, which supplemented the implementation training and helped Shipontime quickly set up customers in the system. Shipontime uses 3PL Warehouse Manager’s workflows to create procedures for adding and managing customers in a way that can easily be followed and duplicated for scalability.


Since using 3PL Warehouse Manager, Shipontime has optimized communications between customers and employees, given customers real-time visibility into the system, streamlined processes, and completed orders faster. This resulted in an estimated 50% increase in productivity. Shipontime can now take on more clients since the simple workflow allows for faster employee onboarding and training and they can set up accounts within the system independently. Management now spends less time training in the software because of the ease of use giving them more time to focus on growing the business through the pandemic and beyond.


I have so much more time and less stress. I don’t have to search to find how much inventory a customer has or what orders we’ve processed. We’ve simplified everything

— Serkan Yildiz
Owner, Shipontime

Ship on time logo

Shipontime is an FBA Prep Service provider located in North Carolina. They offer FBA replenishments (storage & forwarding), labeling, bagging, bundling, handling fragile units, and other custom works for ecommerce businesses. In addition to Shipontime’s economical pricing model, they pride themselves on speedy service to help their clients increase sales.

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