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Top 100 Logistics IT Provider | Improving 3PL WMS Software

Chelsea Mori

Chelsea is an experienced marketing and demand generation strategist with over 17 years of B2B experience. She oversees demand generation strategies, campaigns, and brand awareness programs to solidify Extensiv as the leader in warehouse management software. A multi-dimensional marketing operations professional, Chelsea has built a track record of driving new business through creative demand and lead generation programs.

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Top 100 Logistics IT Provider | Improving 3PL WMS Software


Extensiv, formerly 3PL Central, Named a 2020 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider by Inbound Logistics for the Eighth Consecutive Year.

In this ever-changing environment, our teams continue to focus on the same priority we have had for years—the success and evolution of 3PL warehouse businesses and the needs of their customers. That is why Extensiv is grateful to once again be awarded a Top 100 Logistics IT Provider by Inbound Logistics Magazine for eight years in a row.

The entire Extensiv team aims to improve today’s supply chain challenges for logistics professionals. From the moment a new warehouse joins the Extensiv family, we strive to bring value and efficiency to their business.

This past year, we have focused on just that and a little more. Specifically, we spent time to enhance ecommerce workflows. Here’s how we did it.

Improving Ecommerce Warehouse Processes and Workflows

We like to keep an ear to the ground and last year we heard a lot about improving ecommerce operations when speaking with customers. Our teams took this crucial information and delivered new best practices around receiving, picking, packing, and shipping from within Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager. This included the Unified Small Parcel Shipping Suite. This suite of 3PL ecommerce best practices creates a seamless workflow to optimize warehouse efficiency by reducing manual entry and creating paperless workflows. This suite includes:


Using enterprise or consumer-grade scanning devices (Android and iOS), SmartScan directly integrates with Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager to deliver a handsfree and paperless experience for warehouse staff.

With SmartScan warehouse operators can have even the newest warehouse employees start picking with step-by-step instructions directly on the scanner screen. Data will be delivered directly to the WMS for up to the minute updates so you can track performance and receive complete visibility.


What 3PL warehouse isn’t looking for an easy way to effortlessly pack orders? With SmartPack employees can accurately scan and verify each order. With three simple steps, scan, pack, verify, this handsfree ecommerce process eliminates manual errors and increases efficiency.

For 3PL warehouses looking to transition to ecommerce fulfillment, this best practice workflow lets warehouses assign dimensions, tare weights, actual weight, track lot numbers, serials numbers, and more without manual data entry.

Small Parcel Suite

Automation is key to optimizing for ecommerce. This rings very true for 3PLs who need to find ways to remove the labor-intensive processes around shipping while accurately processing ecommerce orders. With a direct integration with ShipEngine, warehouses can support high volume orders, rate ship with multiple carriers, and pre-populate shipping address and package details with Small Parcel Suite.

When combined with SmartScan and SmartPack, this suite delivers repeatable and scalable ecommerce workflows for enhanced warehouse performance.

Ecommerce WMS Software Solutions for Today’s 3PLs  

As a Top 100 Logistics IT Provider, we understand the importance of delivering technology that warehouses need to meet customer expectations — especially those looking to enhance or expand into ecommerce fulfillment. With 55% of warehouses still using antiquated paper processes for omnichannel orders, the need for an integrated WMS with ecommerce functionality is a requirement in today’s environment.

Now is the time to expand your warehouse fulfillment to include ecommerce. Talk to one of our experts to learn how.  


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